Friday, February 01, 2008


The Greatest Grassroots Campaign in Political History IGNORED BY BIG MEDIA

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Sunday February 5, 2008

If every supporter of Ron Paul would write the following message to his/her local newspaper in a letter to the editor and be prepared to file a ‘lawsuit’ in small claims court for their violation of the contract stated on the newspapers ‘editorial’ page this would go a long way towards stopping the media censorship of Ron Paul and maybe he might get our message to more Americans. It does make a difference between thief R or thief D!


The greatest grassroots campaign in the history of American politics has been summarily ignored and shunned by the large media.

Yes, you read that right. The greatest grassroots campaign in the HISTORY OF AMERICAN POLITICS. IGNORED BY THE MEDIA.

The Ron Paul campaign is centered around a man who is not a media sensation or a media creation. The campaign is centered around an individual who does not seek power and control over others. The campaign is centered around an individual who avoids shadiness and corruption like the plague. A man who is honest, has integrity, and cares fundamentally about America and the amazing freedoms that were granted when the Revolutionaries of 1776 broke off from the yoke of oppressive, central government. These men asserted all individuals’ natural rights.

So a grassroots campaign has grown around this man who fights for the protection of our natural rights via the respect of the U.S. Constitution. The job of the president is to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. The Constitution protects our rights as free individuals and limits the government from oppressively entering into our lives and controlling us on a whim.

The grassroots campaign that grew around the support of Ron Paul has done everything in their power to earn a respectable place in the national consciousness. Through individual efforts, the Ron Paul grassroots campaign raised $4 million in a single day in early November. Then, in mid-December, the growing group broke the ALL-TIME SINGLE DAY RECORD bringing in $6 million in one 24 hour period. This was reported in the media, but was it reported in the amazing way it should have been? Did this vault Ron Paul into the key “front runners circle” that the large media has had such immense control over? The answer is no. The media summarily ignored Ron Paul and his campaign very soon thereafter.

Ron Paul’s supporters have organized to dominate most local straw polls around the country. They have dominated nearly every online poll and both online and text polls after every single Republican debate. Has this vaulted Ron Paul into the media “front runners circle”? No. They ignore him and figuratively spit on his hard working supporters.

When Ron Paul does get a rare interview or report, at times he is treated fairly, but most often he has been treated like a second class citizen, called a “long shot”, dismissed as a “kook” and treated generally in a way unbecoming of any respectable interviewer. Like I said, there are exceptions, but the rule is patently ugly treatment by a more and more despicable traditional media.

The mis-treatment and lack of respect have forced the grassroots campaign onto the internet and into the streets. The Ron Paul campaign dominates MySpace, Youtube, Digg, Facebook and far outpaces any other candidate in terms of Meetup groups and Meetup members. Does this get reported? No. Ron Paul has signed up over 12,000 volunteers as local precinct coordinators to walk their local neighborhoods passing out literature and getting to know their neighbors. Reported? No.

Ron Paul’s supporters have organized hundreds of marches, thousands of sign wavings, numerous other small fundraisers, as well as starting hundreds of websites dedicated to the race. Ron Paul’s website is the most visited out of any campaign in the Republican race and goes toe-to-toe with Obama’s out of any campaign period. Reported? Not much, if at all.

Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign has seen a tremendous groundswell of independent support form many hundreds of thousands of very passionate, intelligent and caring supporters across the country. Lovers of America, patriots of this great country, individuals dedicated to the Constitution, restrained government, and who care about our natural unalienable rights as independent human beings. This amazing groundswell has been shunned and pushed to the side by the large traditional media. Supporters have been told “he can’t win” and he has been kept out of the big media “winner’s circle”. It is a sham and a travesty.

I am here today to tell you that the Ron Paul 2008 campaign has witnessed the greatest grassroots support in the history of American politics. I am also here to tell you that the large media has ignored and battled against this campaign.

These two facts should tell you something. If you care about your unalienable rights as a free citizen, you should seriously consider supporting Ron Paul. If you care about these rights as well as the government protecting them rather than stripping them away, you should be very annoyed and upset with the old media. I know I am amazed and pretty pissed. From what I have observed, the media do not care about your rights and they do not care about you. If you care about America, you will think about finding an alternative or demanding a change.

The future of freedom and limited government rest in your hands. So far, the media have shown what side they are on.

Thursday, January 31, 2008



I am very disgusted with all the media, TV, radio and newsprint. I finally saw Ron Paul get perturbs last night at the so-called Republican debate.

I am going to file a lawsuit in small claims court for breach of contract with the editor of my local newspaper for Censorship. First for his not printing my guest Opinions and also my Letters to the Editor and secondly for censoring Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

I will place my lawsuit on my Blog for one and all to read and maybe as a guide! Only if you care enough to get your freedom back!

Can you imagine if over 100 fellow Americans did the same thing to their local editors, to start with!