Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Income-tax resister gets 15-month prison term!

The newspaper account by John Shiffman in the Philadelphia Inquirer (11/23/05) went on to state, "Before arrest, he placed ads taunting the IRS to come after him. In court yesterday, he apologized."

Yesterday, Larken Rose gave a "tearful" six minute apology. My own arrogance my own actions brought this stress and embarrassment and pain.

Larkin, your pain has not started yet! You rolled, on your friends and the people who believed in you. You stated, I cant say Im pleased with the outcome. Brother, you aint seen nothin yet. It is a shame you didn't read the book, April 15th - The Fear Factor!

Your crying even before you got to jail. Larken are you in for a surprise!

I think you are a disgrace, why did you pay them $38,000 in back taxes. did you owe them? Was this the money your followers sent to pay for your attorney? And why did you disable your web sites?

Don't throw out your "Theft by Deception" tapes and the "861" disk give them to me not the government!

You didn't think your judge was breaking the law? Why didn't you get the IRS to answer the 6 questions? I know, you brilliant ego did not think it was proper. Oh, by the way did you dress appropriately for you sentencing hearing?

This is the third time I had to stop writing this Blog! I am so disgusted with you. I can't fully express just how I feel about you and what you did!

On one hand, I know the pain you will feel at holidays. I missed 31 months of holidays and you will not be 'behind the wall' as I was. You will probable be going to a 'rat farm', better known as a 'camp' be careful. Most of the people there would give up their mother to get a couple days 'cut' off their sentence, but don't worry about it you ego will get you through!

I had to stop again, people who refuse to learn from the past, and I am your past, are doomed to repeat it! You hurt the movement. They believed in you. Too many of your people followed your advice and have not read the book, you hurt them! Only you can send out a message to 'read the book', it can't hurt you.

You gave the government ammunition to use on your fellow man, i.e., Nanette L. Davis, a trial lawyer at the Department of Justice stated, Its a pretty simple duty to file tax returns, Larken failed that duty!

Sixteen agents from the IRS's Criminal Division crammed a back bench to watch your tearful apologyy!

Your special agent in charge was not among them but afterward he said of Rose: He's been so outspoken for so long, and this closes a chapter for us. It sends a message that there are grave consequences to not paying your federal income taxes. Pay attention Bob Schulz and the rest of the W.T.P. movement! Please read my book, prove my Blog wrong, if you can, or else you will be taking down your web sites and apologizing just like Larken did.

Larken, you biggest punishment will be, you will not be able to look in a mirror and see a hero. but a coward, who surrendered to save himself! May God have mercy upon your soul!