Thursday, November 13, 2003

Guest Opinion…Robert B. Graham Sr….10/26/03


Your ‘editorial staff’ writes, “for the past 12 years that seat has belonged to Commissioner Sandy Miller….It’s time for a change!

It’s also a time for a change of the Courier’s ‘editorial staff’.

It seems that every election – the ‘editorial staff’ of the Courier Times newspaper, runs the same endorsements except this time, Mr. Arthur Farnsworth, the Libertarian candidate has the audacity to tell the American people that the American government is committing a tax fraud, and he can prove it, so what does the Courier Times ‘editor’ revert to - IRS rhetoric! The Courier’s ‘editor’ calls him a tax protestor? Why?

In 20 years this ‘editor’ when he was a ‘reporter’ always took the low road when covering my trial, read his articles in Courier as reprinted in my book!

But this Guest Opinion is not about Bob Graham, it is about IRS government tax fraud. It is about the five copies of my book given to editors and reporters which documents (page 236 and 237) the collaboration of this ‘editor’ Guy Petroziello with the IRS. I have given each and every ‘editor’ a copy of my book – April 15th - The Fear Factor and have spoken about it with them!

Why didn’t they call him a ‘tax fraud protestor’? I believe that Mr. Farnsworth is an honest man which is more than I can say about the Courier’s ‘editors’. I have requested that they peruse my book, paying special attention to the chapters titled The Betrayal (chapter 8) and The Press (chapter 17). These are the chapters in which I document articles written by Guy Petroziello and other Courier reporters and ‘editors’. This book documents the corruption of the federal judges and the federal prosecutors, and the cowardice of the media and their involvement in the tax fraud.

This guest opinion speaks to the ‘raid’ by the IRS on Mr. Larken Rose’s home and office on May 6th, 2003. Why did the local police allow this invasion by the IRS without a proper “search warrant”? This was an armed invasion by the IRS, they stole most of Mr. Rose’s computers and all of his financial records and they have also stolen several hundred copies of his “Theft by Deception” video. Has Congressman Greenwood attempted to do anything to stop the IRS atrocities and IRS FRAUD? Has the Courier ‘editors’ interviewed Congressman Greenwood concerning his investigations? Why has the Courier not reported on these raids of citizens by the IRS?

I have just found out that a grand jury has been asked to indict Larken Rose. What a scoop. What a story, but I bet this will never be printed.

I would strongly suggest that these people involved with the IRS, Editors/reporters, most of the accountants in the U.S., who have collaborated with this out of control government agency. I suggest these people review the liberation of Paris and remember the French patriots and the retribution they took out against the COLLABORATORS. They killed most of them IMMEDIATELY for what they had done to the French people. They hunted them down, where ever they were hiding, and killed the ‘French COLLABORATORS’ including the government agencies involved directly with the Nazis. I suggest that the IRS COLLABORATORS be tried and punished accordingly….they had no RIGHT to collaborate, to break the LAW and to cause ‘patriots’ to suffer.

It seems to be the Courier ‘time honored’ position to endorse political incumbents.

Is it because, they, the media, are the majority benefactors from political contributions.


Bob Graham Sr