Friday, August 12, 2005


The movement is mourning the convictions of Larken Rose. Up until the day of the trial, I tried to help him and Tessa and their daughter, but to no avail! The movement is hurting, I know I am....I did want him to win so badly!

I would have gone to court and testified on his behalf! It sounds as if half of his jury were government plants, and the other half Larken talked above their heads!

He better buy my book to find out what is going to happen to him in jail! Although I was found "not guilty" of willful failure to file, Larkens crime. I was found 'guilty' of conspiracy! You must read the story!

Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. I will testify at any trial where the defendant has read my book....April 15th - The Fear Factor!

Dear Bob,

I read your blog. It was precisely what I expected: you portraying yourself as my salvation, getting the facts wrong, and telling me how I know nothing and you know everything. And you're surprised when I ignore you? I'm only sending this in the hopes that it will stop your incessant whining about the fact that I don't bow to your judgment (the judgment that got you CONVICTED).

EVERY member of the grand jury has a Flash format copy of the 861 Evidence presentation, and a DVD copy as well. They also each have a DVD of Theft By Deception. They also each have a copy of the six questions. If your eyes were open as often as your mouth, you would have noticed that here:

They do not have your book, and never will. I didn't rely on your book(and never would), so it is 100% irrelevant to the case. If you're done doing your IRS immitation, predicting doom and gloom (and prison time) ifI do not do as you say, then I don't have to waste any more time responding to it.

If I lose, feel free to say "told ya so" all you want. But pardon me if I'm not eager to take advice from someone who didn't understand the law, was put on trial and LOST, went to JAIL, and then started paying and filing again.

I do have an ego, if that means that I am confident in what I know (while constantly trying to learn more), and I don't follow anyone's advice unless it makes sense to ME. But to hear, from YOU of all people, that my ego is blinding me is a bit much. Hearing you tell it, your book is the Word of God. It ain't.


Larken Rose


Larken Rose has been found guilty on all charges!