Friday, June 24, 2005


Let’s sing!

Ding dong the witch got hurt!

Ding dong the witch is hurt!

Ding Dong the wicked witch is hurt!

Wake up you sleepy heads; it’s time to harpoon this witch!


It took a great deal of courage and love of country to do what you did….I thank you!

Bob Graham Sr.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Joe Bannister found

Innocent on all counts!

Boy was I wrong! Am I GLAD, YES!


Comments on Joe Banister’s Trial on Thursday 2PM 4/24/05.

To say that I am flabbergasted by Joe Banister not taking the witness stand is the understatement of eternity. Had he and his advisors read the book, April 15th – The Fear Factor, they would have realized that the two defendants in my trial who did not take the witness stand were found ‘guilty’, while the only one who took the witness stand was found ‘not guilty’. Taking the witness stand sends a message, I don’t know of a more obvious way of explaining what happens in a court room.

I believe the jury is your friend. They can not talk to you except by t the messages they send to the judge. The jury wants ‘to believe’; they don’t want to find you ‘guilty’. The jury wants to hear your voice; they want to get to know you!

When you choose to not talk to the jury…it allows one of the three government plants to say, in a very friendly way, “I wish the defendant had told us what was in his heart”. This statement will ingratiate the rest of the jury to this person and they will relate to him/her, especially when on the first ‘vote’ this person voted ‘not guilty’ that was a set up! The fellow jurors will understand when this person votes ‘guilty’ from now on.

Looking back some 20 years ago, it jumps out at me. I had three co-defendants, two of whom hated my publicity and another whose second wife hated me for what her husband was doing in the movement. Today, people who think and believe they know what is going to happen in a federal courtroom don't have a clue; and no matter how many time the federal government does the same thing to the tax defendants they refuse to learn from history.

When you choose to not talk to the jury….it allows the second government plant who also voted ‘not guilty’ the first time; to raise the question …."If he didn’t have anything to hide why did he not talk to us, I would have loved to have heard his side of the story”.

The third government plant says, Now, you agree with me….”I told you he was ‘guilty’ right from the start. When it becomes, Friday, after lunch and one of the plants in a very friendly manner says, “Lets compromise to get out of here for the weekend, find him ‘guilty’ on one or two counts and ‘not guilty’ on the rest. "This is a nasty judge." (they are one of them)

When you don’t communicate with the jury about the above actions of the government…they don’t recognize the plant for what it is. The government can not allow an important tax fighter to win. You must tell your jury this fact; the government is not going to tell the jury. I wish Joe Banister the very best. I am afraid, he and his family don’t deserve what I fear is coming.

I sent a brief note to Larken Rose to read Joe Banisters trial review, it is on the internet. If you can’t get it send an e-mail to me and I will send it to you {}. Larken wants followers to be like ‘church mice’, eyes and ears only……what message does this send to the jury. I think it means….fear, this might happen to you. The jury doesn’t want to be fearful. They must be told that they are the boss. They really won’t mind convicting an ‘ego manic’ or a man who uses his wife as a shield. Instead of putting all of his followers on the witness stand and let them tell the jury what is in their heart, with fire and brimstone…. He wants every one to show the ‘proper respect for terrorist and their troops’ and just sit like ‘church mice’, don’t shiver too much!

If Larken can’t talk to me….he can’t talk to any jury! Watch out Bob Schulz. I think you are next. You must learn from HISTORY!