Saturday, September 11, 2004

This is the editor of the Bucks County Courier Times reply to my 'guest opinion' article, and my answer to him.

Hi Guy,

Your e-mail to me was..."This is little more than a rant. It lacks substance. You need to identify issues and develop credible arguments. Try again...Guy Petroziello.

My reply to you is;

Issue # 1. That the History channel would document from the beginning the substance of the debacle of 911, including but not limited to the incompetence of the government 'employees', who besides getting paid ...Ignored the warnings of many. The president and his cabinet ignored many qualified advisors that something was going to happen. Bush now wants Americans to ignore the issues and re-elect him. And these incompetent government drones are still getting paid...They did not get fired!

Issue #2. That Bill Moyer's T.V. show would highlight the military complex parties for 'lobbyist and congressmen and women who were paid quite handsomely for producing American weapons of mass destruction.

Issue #3. That C-Span would devote over 3 1/2 hours to the 125,000 to 500,000 protestors at the republican convention protesting the presidents and his administration actions while all the while continuing to support these very actions with their tax money.

Issue #4. You....If I wanted your biased opinions...I would have ask for them....I did print your 'analysis' September 25,1983 in my book....April 15th - The Fear Factor, where you used nothing more than bias to distort 'what I did for my country' and again today...Your bias and prejudice is showing. Just because someone has the 'balls' to say and do something to stop the IRS FRAUD and you don't.... Is no reason to prevent an opposing opinion from being read by his/her neighbors. You are a coward!

Issue #5. Why haven't you or your newspaper written a review of my book or my web site Same question applies to the '' disk? It is obvious you are afraid of something. I know you cannot stand criticism, but you work so hard for it, you earned it.

I hope someday, it becomes so clear...That even you understand....YOUR ARE HURTING YOUR COUNTRY with your selective Censorship actions, but then you do recognize it, don't you! The question then becomes.....WHY?

I believe a good editor corrects the spelling and grammar of another's writing but never the content of their opinion. If you don't like what someone is writing...You have plenty of ink and time...Write a rebuttal...Let the world know what 'you think', or is that to honest for you?


Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. I hope I have identified the issues, do you have any other 'creditable arguments', and if this in not substantive...You are trying to kid youself...You don't fool me.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Guest Opinion of Robert B. Graham Sr……..9/11/04

I owe most reporters an apology, it’s the public that is not reading or can’t read. Maybe they are too dumb to read, but they sure can watch T.V. or the movies and not vote for more political control..

Having just viewed the History channel program on the Twin Towers and the report on 911, I also went to see Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 911 with my grand-daughters. I was so taken back by this movie that I went with my oldest son to see it again, I did not believe it. I am now driven to write this guest opinion.

I will never understand why all those convention people were cheering G. Bush at the convention. Was it because he had given them a job that paid them a lot of money? Was it because he declared war on Iraq and had over 1,000 Americans killed? Was it because he told the Americans people that Iraq had attacked the twin towers (a proven lie) and had weapons of mass destruction (another proven lie), and they believed him?

I watched Bill Moyer’s T.V. show on the republican convention concerning the amount of tax deductible parties the war companies were having for the top Congressional people, especially the Chairmen of armed forces and the Congressional chairman in charge of purchasing. Millions of dollars were spent entertaining these Congressman and women who were the guest of the lobbyists for these companies who make and produce American military weapons of mass destruction. It was Greed? I did not hear of any of these parties at the Democratic convention. That doesn’t mean they did not have them.

I saw on T.V. (C-span) the ‘protestors’ marching on Sunday the day before the republican convention and I wondered, just why these people supporting with their taxes…the very thing they were protesting against. With the advent of the why with this evidence were there no protestors of the “income tax FRAUD”? WHY must Americans support federal FRAUD!

I wondered why the media did not inquire as to why the ‘weapons lobbyist’ did not supply the families with a booze party for their dead family members killed, with their weapons of ‘mass destruction’.

I wonder why the American people were paying so many incompetent bureaucrats, who ignored the warnings from competent government employees. To this day…have any of these incompetent bureaucrats been fired? Why give them the chance to repeat their terrible performance? I certainly don’t want four more years of federal lies!

What happened to the government morons, who ignored memos from the F.B.I. concerning all the persons attending flight school, who did not want to learn how to take off and land an airplane, were they fired? Common sense tells you, this person should be in jail or a mental institution. Take your pick; they both are guilty of the American attack. The attacker and the person who ignored the warnings, have any of them gone to jail? What good is the ‘patriot act’? What good is the make job ‘searchers at the airport’?

All those who ignored the warnings should be fired without pay and without benefits especially pensions, including the President, Secretary of Defense and the rest of the Republican administration. They are responsible for those killed in the twin towers. Bush should never be re-elected. He owes every American, who lost a son or daughter in his daddies ‘phony war’ more than I could ever say. He is a disgrace to America and the “BUSH APPOLIGISTS” should never call themselves…Americans. They are sick son-of –b......s and I despise them for what they did for money.

Speaking of money, when the federal government calls the ‘federal reserve’, which is neither federal or has any reserve, and request $87 billion to pay for military supplies of mass destruction, all that happens is the federal reserve writes a check for $87 billion and gives it to the federal government who then deposits it into their bank account and then walla….$87 billion of new money, isn't that nice. Why don’t they do the same magic for the income taxes and leave all Americans, rich and poor, alone? They could then send the I.R.S. agents to IRAQ and send our troops home!

I voted for Bush Sr. the first time, and he lied to the American people…”read my lips, no new taxes”. I didn’t vote for him the second time. I voted for his son the first time, BUT I will never vote for him again! Gore was an abomination, but BUSH is dangerous.

American people how can you cheer for a person who values your sons and daughters life so lightly? How can you vote for a liar? Support Halliburton vote for Cheney. A vote for Cheney is a vote for more lies, more lies and more Halliburton. The ‘have-mores do again to the have-nots, is that the American way?

If you don’t like what I said, please write to the editor and have him/her censored it. This message will be posting on the Bob Graham Blog……this way you can compare. What is written against what the editor will allow you to read!

Robert B. Graham Sr. 9/11/04