Tuesday, October 12, 2004


You state, my Blog “was precisely what I (you) expected”. I am 73 years old and I can handle criticism, especially yours, and if you had responded over a year ago. I would have never written a Blog concerning your activities since I believe you ‘861 disk’ is really good.

You should have sat, listened and explained this disk to these grand jurors. You didn’t!

By you own admission, you can’t sell the ‘861 disk’ that’s a shame. You state, “EVERY member of the jury…has…disk…tapes…and copies of the six questions, but in reading you and your wife remarks concerning her testimony, the grand jurors questions clearly states that they put your information in a pile and never listened to it, never saw it. Those remarks ‘opened my eyes’ and that’s why I ‘opened my mouth’. Unfortunately you did not get them to read or see your evidence….and that is where we differ. I understand the importance of them actually looking at your evidence, unfortunately you did not.

I have a hard time with you being satisfied knowing that your information was put in a pile. How you could be satisfied, that your evidence was never listened to or never reviewed? Another question is, “How do you think your actions helped you by allowing them to put your very important information in a pile.” You had control of this evidence when you entered it into evidence, what control do you have over this evidence now? NONE!

You state, “Your (My) book is the Word of God. It ain’t”. I never wrote it to be anything other than a reference document on what happened to me. If you can’t learn from the mistakes of the past…you will repeat the same mistakes.

Larken, how would know such a thing…you claim to have never read it. It was just my experience. You also claim that “I did not understand the law, was put on trial and LOST, went to jail, and then started paying and filing again.” You are wrong; again, I do understand the law. I was put on trial and was found “Not Guilty” of willful failure to file. Yes, I did go to jail….for Contempt of Court……NOT TAXES!

I served 31 months of a ten year sentence, ‘behind the wall’, and my only intentions with regards to you and your wife was trying to prevent you from repeating my horrendous experience. I do hope it never happens to you! I am going to stay out of you business as you requested. I am glad you are confident in what you know and I understand you do not want my advice, and I will not ‘waste’ any more of your time or mine. As you said,” if I lose feel free to say “I told ya so” all you want. This ‘price of admission’ is more than I want to pay.

What worries me more is that your family will be saying...…”he told you so, but you refused to listen!”

I will be at your trial….just in case you might want another opinion.

“Experience is a wonderful teacher…you can’t unlearn it.”

Monday, October 11, 2004

So what, "Do You Do" Larken Rose, NOW?

If you are being prosecuted by a Federal Grand Jury for any Federal Income Tax issues and your name is Larken Rose wouldn't you think..... You would first and foremost address the Federal Grand Jury with your hallmark work '861 Evidence disk'?

After re-reading your e-mail dated Oct 9, 2004 several times, I saw nowhere in your testimony that your introduced into evidence your '861 Evidence disk' and viewed and explained it with them.

Why NOT?

There are thousands of people going around America handing out Larken Rose's '861 Evidence disks'; I am one of them. What concerns me is that if Larken Rose did not show his '861 Evidence disk' to the Federal Grand Jury when he had the chance, what would have held him back from doing so. Should all the people who are handing out the '861 Evidence disk' today be concerned that they may be handing out false information? I know, we're not, but the Grand Juries has not seen it. Larken or Tessa did not view it with them, and thoroughly explain it to them! They are leaving that job up to us!

Larken Rose, For Whose Viewing Pleasure Are You Doing This for?

If you can not handle a prosecutor in a room with 23 friendly people and no judge. How do you every expect to hold your own in a courtroom with the same prosecutor and an unfriendly judge with at least 2 government plants on a 12 person jury?

What do you do when the judge tells you that the '861 Evidence disk' is frivolous and inadmissible, and does not allow you to enter your '861 disk' into evidence? Do you have your Appeal ready? It is in my book, April 15th - The Fear Factor. How will you feel when this happens to you; realizing you and maybe your wife is going to jail?

You will waste all your hard work and for what? Your shot at the Big Show? You can count on getting your Big Show, even if you had won in the Grand Jury. They can't afford to lose with YOU!

Please Larken Rose, we do not need to see your blood and your wife's blood shed in a Federal Courtroom or a Federal Prison Institution.

No one enjoys bloodshed, especially yours and your wife's! Remember Dick Simkanin trial. Your trial will make his look like playtime! Especially if and when you are not totally prepared, ready for WAR!

Larken Rose you have only a few days to save yourself before you get eaten up by the same Prosecutor, who ate you up in the grand jury room, and an Unfriendly Federally Appointed Judge and 12 person jury, at least two of them being government plants.

I suggest you pay attention! I suggest you and your wife read my book. I have been there, done that, and got a 'NOT GUILTY'! If you get one idea that keeps you out of jail and let's you win. I will be ecstatic!

Once the Federal Grand Jury hands down their decision, you can no longer present evidence before them. You need to get yourself in front of the Federal Grand Jury with your computer and your '861 evidence disk', and get into evidence your hallmark work '861 Evidence', because if you do not you will not get another chance. You also need to get into evidence your tape, the 6 Questions and my book, you will be glad you did.

You may have to pound on the door to get it done, but if you don?t then you lose.

Larken Rose you can count on getting your "Big Show" before the "Petite Jury"!

The question is, will it be because you are indicted by the Federal Grand Jury or by the Federal Government on an"Information" indictment.

The Federal Grand Jury indictment means the end of your life as you know it. They, the federal government, are licking their chops; they can't wait to get you. If the Federal Government uses an "Information" indictment, you can win.

The major difference is whether your evidence was accepted by the Federal Grand Jury and you get a "No Bill" (i.e. vote against indictment). Do you know how powerful that would be to all your loyal followers?

If you get a "No Bill" and you have placed ALL the evidence I suggest you present before the Federal Grand Jury and the Federal government still indicts you, then you are in a position of strength. You can use all that evidence against them and they can not tell you that it is not admissible

If your get an indictment from the Federal Grand Jury then God help you, your price of admission will not be worth it.

Regardless, as you have asked, I will be at your hearing to lend my support, but, if you did not read my book. I can not be called by you, as your witness.

Can your daughter afford to lose both you and Tessa? Give them your ego instead of you!

"He who thinks he know everything, know very little and must pay a very expensive price for what he did not know"......unknown.