Monday, April 03, 2006



When the U.S. Treasury need money it phones the federal reserve bank and request a check for $87 Billion, they did this about three times, to help pay for the war in Iraq.

The Federal Reserve writes out their check for the amount requested and sends its check to the Treasury, who then deposits the fed’s check into the treasury’s checking account and then proceeds to write checks to pay for what ever. It is that simple!

The only thing they have to print now is checks!

It is almost hilarious, the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. have never had an outside audit….NEVER!

It is all numbers…they don’t even honestly know how much is the federal debt. The I.R.S. can’t tell Congress what they collect each and every year, but yet they always ask for more and most time they get more spending money!

Why can’t we ask the Federal Reserve to print any “tax” receipts that the government wants?

Would that disrupt some governmental plan?

If this happened, do you think ‘boobus Americana’ would wake up and question…”What’s happening now?” And ask, why didn’t the government do this sooner?

If we could just ‘perk’ the interest of the media, especially talk-radio…I believe we can stop – immediately, the misguided destruction of our country. Why not call your local talk-show and ask them, get them to go to and pay special attention to the Flash and Bob’s Blog!