Saturday, September 18, 2004

Dear Editor, (Guy Petroziello) 9/18/04 Reply…Guest Opinion of 9/11/04

There is only one way for this problem to be answered without you being fired or …your totally censoring Robert B. Graham Sr and that is to let the public decide if you are right. Print both, your comment …”This is little more than a rant. It lacks substance. You need to identify issues and develop arguments. Try again…..Guy Petroziello. and my reply to you.

I say…I believe a good editor corrects the spelling and grammar of another’s writing BUT never the content of their opinion. If you don’t like what someone is writing…You have plenty of ink and time…Write a rebuttal…Let the world know what ‘you think’, or is that too honest for you?

When you learn the truth…you can never unlearn it….you must then deal with it!

While we are at it, I did print your ‘analysis’ which you wrote, as a reporter, on September 25, 1983 in my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor, where you used nothing but your bias and prejudice to distort what I did for my country. Just because someone has the ‘balls’ to say and do something to stop the IRS FRAUD…..and you don’t,….this is no reason to prevent an opposing opinion from being read by his/her neighbors. Censorship in a newspaper is a coward’s way of doing business. Why haven't you or your newspaper written a 'review' of this book....I sent you and about 4 'reporters' a copy and we have talked about the 'book'!

You and your paper haven’t printed ‘word one’ about the ‘861 disk’ which I sent you and a couple of your ‘reporters’. It appears that they are frightened of something.

You are hurting our Country with you censorship actions, but then you do realize it, don’t you! The question then becomes…WHY?

What are you afraid of….a few words?
Print what I sent you. I know you don’t have the ‘stones’ to print this letter, without chopping it up so that it will be recognized!


Robert B. Graham Sr. 46 Lark Drive Holland, Pa., 215-355-5660