Friday, September 24, 2004

Guest Opinion by Robert B. Graham Sr 9/24/04

I believe a good editor corrects the grammar and spelling of another’s writing BUT NEVER THE CONTENT OF THEIR OPINION!

I believe when an ‘editor’ sends the following message to an ‘opinion writer’ he/she is practicing censorship.

Every day the editors of this newspaper let their readership know what ‘they think’. They have plenty of time and ink to write a ‘rebuttal’! But, a reader has only one way to get their neighbors to think about something in a different light. When you answer my ‘guest opinion’ with your comment of…. “This is little more than a rant. It lacks substance. You need to identify the issues and develop arguments. Try again…..G. Petroziello. You are CENSORING.

The issue of this ‘guest opinion’ is your censoring of my opinions. The argument is, I sent you my book, April 15th –The Fear Factor and you told me you did not read it. I told you that I did publish your ‘analysis’ where you used your bias and prejudice to distort what I did for my country. I requested you to review this work.

Further argument is, I also sent you and a couple of your reporters, the ‘861 evidence disk’ which proves the federal income tax is a fraud. You and your paper have not printed ‘word one’ about this free disk and my not free book.

Further argument is, my web site…, why have you deleted this information from all my letters?

Please print this guest opinion and let the readers decide….does this message have substance, does it identify the issues and most important does it develop arguments.

Once you learn the truth, you can not unlearn it....You then must deal with it!


Robert B. Graham Sr……….1-215-355-5660