Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Can DEFIANCE overcome Arrogance?

A story appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times on November 2, 2005. About G.W. Bush’s nine member commission on tax overhaul, written by an unknown media source!

Declaring the income tax system “has become a running joke”; this Presidential panel is suggesting the elimination of virtually every deduction and credit, instead of declaring the end of the income tax and the end of the IRS!

Instead of declaring the present income tax a “FRAUD” which the disk clearly shows it is. This panel continues the Fraud and removes most deductions and credit….thereby increasing the burden on the little guy!

The message that came out of the White House in the beginning of this presidential panel ‘their goal’ was to abolish the income tax and the IRS. They, the government, knew that the IRS and the judges were violating the Constitution, see, but they were not going to admit this crime! The IRS testified that over 30 million Americans do not file each and every year!

They were hoping to replace the income tax with a value added tax, thereby hiding their crime forever!

In a Bob’s Blog in February 2004, (listed on ), there was a call for ‘Kilroy’, please go back and refresh your memory about this legend. I know, he is what is needed at this moment, but it take courage and an iron will and a closed mouth!…….The Federal government is way out of control…..they send our families to Iraq to be killed, they say it is to defend democracy, but they said it was to get ‘weapons of mass destruction’….I still think it was to protect Halliburton trucks and equipment! 2,000 soldiers killed and we still have no way of getting the rest of the troop’s home.

The IRS is still committing FRAUD and the federal judges are still protecting the IRS’s crime, and now the President special panel is going to recommend to Treasury Secretary Snow….more FRAUD! I have written to Secretary Snow and he has not answered my 6 questions about his income tax. I know of over 300 more Americans who have written to him and they have not received any answers. (See 6 questions on )

The president committee will not even answer these 6 questions concerning who is liable to file. We need ‘Kilroy’…..and we need him now! Someone has to hold the federal government accountable! We all know that the WE THE PEOPLE organization under the leadership of Bob Schulz has broken their backs trying to get the government to respond....and they have been ignored!

If these hand picked government lackeys pass their new and improved income tax….I can predict…it will be the biggest mistake these control freaks have ever tried!

Yesterday the dollar fell against the euro and the yen. More important was the news from Washington and Asia. The morning trading in Asia, gold jumped to over $500 an ounce. Student’s know nothing of the future and student have not been taught anything of the past by their teachers, who have demonstrated they know nothing about either, the past or the future! All they know how to do is STRIKE!

We predict George W. Bush will go down in history not as a Great War president but as a ‘GREAT DEBT’ president. The Feds have borrowed more than $1.05 TRILLION from foreign governments and banks in his few years in office. This is more than all the rest of the nation’s administrations put together, since 1776 t0 2000.

Last month, the U.S. national debt passed the $8 TRILLION mark. This year’s budget deficit alone, added $319 BILLION to the country’s obligations. According to the government own accountants, deficits will rise to $873 Billion per year with in 10 years.

Two years more they will be at $1 Trillion per year, with a national debt edging up to up to $20 TRILLION. By 2017, annual deficits are supposed to reach $2 TRILLION per year. You end up with a national currency that has question marks all over it. Eventually, those questions will be answered. I believe one answer will be Gold over $1,000 per ounce. Another answer is to stop the income tax and print what the government needs. The IRS has never been subject to an outside audit anyway! Bring our soldiers home…send IRS agents!

This Guest Opinion was sent to the Bucks County Courier Times on 11/30/05 by Robert B. Graham Sr. – 46 Lark Drive Holland, Penna…..215-355-5660…