Saturday, June 23, 2007


To all American Patriots.

When a judge denies your motion or evidence - YOU MUST say
“I move the Court to state by what authority it denies my motion or evidence”. Make sure you have a court reporter present!

Justice is secured by ‘moving the court’ to grant justice and by DEMANDINBG that the court state the court’s reason for doing anything you believe is unjust or unfair! That is why you must be at least co-counsel. Your counsel has a ‘ticket’, which the judge can punch and your counsel is out!

‘Move the court’ to explain itself in writing and take judicial notice of the rules and laws that control it…On the record!

If Sherry is as belligerent as Larken and the rest of the uninformed ‘Patriots’ they will share a jail cell! Read my book – April 15th – The Fear Factor.

If you can't read – I have an audio version of it…call for price, it’s reasonable.

Bob Graham Sr.