Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dear Subscriber,After less than two hours of deliberations (including lunch), the jurycame back and found Tessa guilty of the five counts of failure to file. Sentencing is set for February 15th. We'll say more later, but we wantedyou to at least know the verdict.Sincerely,Larken Roselarken@taxableincome.nethttp://www.861.info

Well, it happened just like I thought it would! All the brilliant minds who REFUSED to read April 15th – The Fear Factor were found GUILTY!

Every reader should go up on and read ‘Tessa Rose Trial – Day 3. It seems that Tessa believed more in her relations description of her, than she did in her own words. Tessa never let the jury hear what she believed!

Would you, if you were on a jury, find the defendant guilty if that person refused to talk to you and tell you what was in their hearts and minds?

I believe the answer to the ‘tax whatever’ movement is being totally ignored….We must find out what was the reason they found any person guilty? We must make a concerted effort to get this answer or else the government will continue to pick us off, one at a time! If you want to help me, please e-mail me your information!

I believe ever subscriber to Larken Rose web site should e-mail him an tell him, “We knew the verdict before the trial” but you and your wife were too stubborn to win! Or, did you make a deal with the enemy, Larken/Tessa?

Who is next Robert Schulz and We The People?

Why didn’t Tessa take the witness stand, was she guilty? What did she have to hide? It is amazing that Tessa jury took two hours, it's a wonder they didn't stand up and find her guilty before deliberations. All they were told was what a woman tessa was and nothing about the 'crime'.

Bob Graham Sr.