Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Guest opinion of Robert B. Graham Sr……11/10/04

IS an ill wind blowing the ‘windmills’?

A pathetic editorial is the reason the IRS can get away with ‘FRAUD’.

Section 861 of the Law which can be seen on proves the IRS is in conspiracy with the Justice Department is violating their own law.

Your editor’s stated reason for allowing this crime to be continued is, “But a country that’s $7 TRILLION in debt isn’t going to abandon its chief source of revenue any time soon”.

That type of ‘reasoning’ allows the IRS to use a “heavy dose of fear to ensure compliance with the law”. Don’t stop the ‘bank robbers now’, they might shoot you!

Twenty years ago, your editor in conspiracy with another reporter, who was the foreman of my jury, used the same type of ‘reasoning’. I wound up serving thirty one months ‘behind the wall’ for a NON-crime. I have documented this government and media abuse in my book April 15th – The Fear Factor. See the “Get Graham Letter”.

It took me eighteen years to get over the nightmares of ‘prison abuse’. We as a nation can no long allow this government corruption to continue.

I and others have sent many letters to the IRS asking them to answer six questions concerning THEIR LAW (listed on ). The IRS only answers with more threats.

The government has the ‘blanket of security’ presented by ‘editors’ who ridicule “tax honesty” and who frighten most of their ‘reporters’ into presenting only the government position.

Some of these ‘reporters’ get around the government abuses by writing, “But until now, Farnsworth hasn’t been charged with any crime. Farnsworth was arrested at his home Friday morning and brought before a federal magistrate for arraignment. That hearing was postponed until Monday however, and Farnsworth was ordered held without bail. Saturday Nov. 6…Laurie Mason…Courier Times reporter.

A good ‘editor’ would have questioned that ‘reporter’, “Why was Farnsworth arrested since he was not charged with a crime”?

A good ‘editor’ would have questioned that ‘reporter’, “Why was Farnsworth put in jail if he was not convicted of a crime?

A good ‘editor’ would have questioned the ‘reporter’, “Since you could not reach Farnsworth to discuss any of this story, who gave you this information and WHY? Who gave you the heads up?

A good ‘editor’ would have questioned the ‘reporter’, “Was the indictment signed by the foreman or anyone else or was it an ‘information’ indictment…..And Why?

A good ‘editor’ would make this government abuse a front page story.

Your ‘editor’ is not alone, I personally sent out over 6,000 ‘861 disks’ to every newspaper editor, every T.V. station assignment manager and most “talk show host” especially in the Delaware Valley area and not one replied. My counter recorded the most hits ever, but that was it.

I will continue to send your newspapers the truth…for once you have learned the truth, you can not unlearn it….you must deal with it.

See the letters I sent to the IRS on my web site !

Prove me wrong, view the disk see how many former IRS special agents and agents admit the IRS FRAUD! Now let’s deal with it together! Let’s end the IRS FRAUD and the IRS ABUSE!


Robert B. Graham Sr.
46 Lark Drive
Holland, Pa., 18966