Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Guest Editorial by Robert B. Graham Sr.......7/23/05 215-355-5660

I am 74 ½ year of age, I have witnessed a lot, especially the destruction of the United States Constitution. I have watched the Federal government change this beautiful document by using FEAR.

Now the only thing as an American citizen that I am afraid of is the U.S. federal government.

Unless someone in the media writes in the newspaper or talks on T.V. or the Radio concerning some sort of corruption coming from government nothing will be written in the newspapers or heard on the talk media or T.V. Media censorship rears it's ugly head!

The Editors, they usually censor this type of information. Take for example, the recent win by Joe Banister, a former IRS special agent who was found "not guilty" in a federal court on a 20 count indictment of the IRS. Did you read about it in the Philadelphia Inquirer or the Bucks County Courier Times, NO! I did notify both of them, it was ignored by both and also the T.V. editors!

When you take into account, Banister was in a Federal court, the hearing was by a Federal Judge and he was prosecuted by a Federal lawyer, it is amazing he did not get a 'Life sentence', after all, he was claiming that the Federal income tax was a FRAUD!

The Justice Department's prosecutors do not represent the people, he/she can't, they can only represent the government, but most Americans are totally unaware of this fact! It is amazing what children are never taught!

When you add the 'Federal media', who did not report this major victory of the tax rebels, the picture becomes clear. Tax Rebels is what the "federalies" love to call anyone who is opposed to government FRAUD!

Banister's win was reported in the New York Times, not reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer or the Buck County Courier and you must ask these papers why did they choose to not report this fabulous news, they always report the convictions of citizens? Is this censorship done to keep the FEAR?

In spite of this censorship by the 'federal media', according to the IRS, there are over 30 millions Americans who did not filing their income tax forms, last year. Will there be 50 million Americans who saw the '' disk and stop filing? Did you see it? If you saw it, did you tell a friend?

I recently wrote a 'Commentary' about an upcoming trial (8/11/05) of Larken and Tessa Rose in the Third Circuit in Philadelphia. I gleaned my information from two Briefs written by the prosecutor for the IRS. I have no doubt that the trial judge will grant most of the IRS's request to limit their ability to defend themselves. I have listed this Commentary on Bob's Blog on . You probably will never see it in the Philadelphia Inquirer or the Bucks County Courier Times. If you study history, this type of censorship was absolutely needed for Hitler to prevail in Germany.

When you read the IRS's Motions it seems that the IRS really don't want the jury to hear Rose's defense. It is a well know fact that the Federal prosecutor can indict a 'ham sandwich'? in the grand jury and unless Larken Rose can get his jury to understand that they are not there to find him guilty they are to defend the Constitution? They, the jury, are the only ones who can give the federal judge the opportunity to put him in a federal prison and then go after his wife. This is federalism at the highest order and the FRAUD goes on.

Someone, either the federal government or Larken Rose is committing a crime. Larken Rose is obeying the federal government IRS laws and the IRS will not answer any of the six questions which he is asking. So instead of answers; they are trying to put him and his wife in their jail. This is un-American.

Larken Rose must try to change the caption of the case from United States of America v. Larken Rose to a new caption..IRS v. Larken Rose.

The IRS is not the United States of America! Then and only then will the jury understand what the IRS is trying to pull!

Larken must tell his jury why they are there! If they find Larken 'not guilty' must they find the IRS and the prosecutor and the judge guilty? Are these 'terroris' above the law? When does the Federal Fraud stop?

Who prosecutes the federal prosecutor? Who prosecutes the federal IRS? They are not obeying their own laws? How do we get rid of the cowardly federal MEDIA and get them to report IRS terrorism?

How do we get the federal media to put the pressure on the federal Congress and Senate?

Prove me wrong media.....get me some answers!