Saturday, July 19, 2003

Letter From Bob Graham To Mrs. Dick Simkanin

Robert B. Graham Sr.
46 Lark Drive
Holland, Pa., 118966

Carole Simkanin
c/o Arrow Custom Plastics
3717 Commerce Place
Suite A
Bedford, Texas 76021

Dear Mrs. Simkanin,

My wife and I sent you a $100. donation and now I am offering you something that is priceless, our help. We have been where you are, over 20 years ago and it seems that almost nothing has changed.

A lot of people offered us advice and some lawyers even served us in court, free, but NONE of THEM HAD PERSONAL EXPERIENCE on a case such as yours. They stayed with Betty and me in our home. We could have never afforded to pay them and IF we were not able to write ‘briefs’ and burn out a memory typewriter, we would have never been able to file over 30 legal briefs which were all denied by the judge; in fact, the government did not even reply.

I sent your husband a copy of my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor, I hope you received it. This book will take you through your next journey with the IRS.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you to file a ‘complaint' with the judicial district concerning your present judge’s actions and rulings, citing his errors in your case.

You must take this action immediately as doing this will afford you the benefit of having this judge recused from any further action on your husband’s case. Your lawyers will not take this action because the judicial authorities will disbar them as soon as they can. YOU MUST FILE THIS COMPLAINT – PRO SE.

Very few people know of this ‘beautiful complaint’. Once it is filed, this judge might not be taken off of the bench, but he will never get another higher assignment. It is almost the kiss of death for this judge; no judge wants to have this complaint file against him because if he has one other complaint, this might be his last. I filed this complaint against my judge, it is in my book.

I am offering you and your husband an opportunity to visit me for a few days to discuss your pending case. You will have to supply your own lodgings and meals since my wife is disgusted with all ‘tax rebels’. She wants nothing to do with them because of their ‘actions’ after my trial in which I was found ‘NOT guilty on three counts of willful failure to file. I was found guilty of Conspiracy to impede the lawful function of the IRS, SHE FELT ABANDONDED. I hope you don’t feel the same way after it is over! She also says, the ‘tax rebels’ for the most part won’t even buy your book to save themselves. I even made an audio book for people who can’t or won’t read, but everybody in this movement must start to do what will save all of us and the answer is in my book. We must be there for each other. I will appear as a witness for your husband….only if he has READ MY BOOK! Otherwise I will not be permitted to testify if he has not relied upon this book, as well as others!

If you need help with the writing of your Complaint about your judge, I will send you a copy of my Complaint about my judge.

Did you read a copy of Renee Halay’s letter to your judge? It was beautifully written and right to the point. The only thing that was missing was that she was forwarding a copy to “Kilroy”. If you don’t remember “Kilroy” during the Second World War, read up on him and have everybody read about “Kilroy” and what he did to the Nazis. It can be a noiseless, silent way to communicate all across the U.S.A.…”Kilroy was here”.

I do believe “Kilroy” will return.

Also read, John Ross’s book….”Unintended Consequences”.

Maybe, just maybe, my wife will relent; she was really hurt and so was I by these enemies looking only for their paychecks. They were not interested in the Constitution or Justice, just their paycheck.

Call me if you and your husband are interested. You might be interested in driving with a couple of “close” knowledgeable friends able to assist you in Court. You are going to need all the help you can get and then some, and be careful of your friends.


Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. Please let me know when you have received this message., and have your ‘friends’ follow Renee lead and write to the judge and let him know what you think, send a copy to the newspaper!