Monday, July 12, 2004

Its Amazing!

So many Bush apologists, who have not seen the movie Fahrenheit 911, do not voice their own opinion but something they read or heard, another persons opinion.

What are they defending or what are they hiding, and why are they in denial?

Feeble reasons like... We need Bush,  he is not in favor of gun control.  Bush is a born again Christian should not be reason enough to not see this movie. Don't worry about Bush taking away you guns...he has already taken away your Rights with his so-called Patriot Act.

So people say, Even though Bush is a pro-lifer and my wife and I are strong abortion's I can't support a Democrat, even if the movie proves Bush is the devil,  he is still not a Democrat. I don't care what Bush does it's what he says that counts! These are Republicans who are afraid to see a movie for fear that the movie is telling the truth and if they have a conscience - they would have to get involved.  These peple are more worried about their paycheck than the Constitution!

I have even heard this from another Bush apologist.  Moore has no right to attack President Bush it's bad enough that J. Leon makes fun of the President, but Leno is funny.

I blame the media they are the propaganda machine of the federal government. I sent out over 1500 - 861 disk to every T.V. program director in the United States. I am also in the process of sending out about 1500 of these beautiful 861 disk to all the news editors of every daily newspapers. I already sent disks out to Cal., Conn., N.Y., Pa., and Texas.  There was a 'false alarm' concerning the airing on KTTV (channel 11) Fox News at 10:00 p.m.

If you haven't seen a report aired or written by any of these media people, call them on the phone or write to them. fax them. Ask them, why they did not report on this important information, it must be the truth, why are they censoring the truth because, it is the truth or are they like the federal government. they don't have an answer, either?

There is only one way. We must constantly question the news media. every day. contact every media outlet...challenge their honesty. challenge their integrity....challenge their ability to tell the truth.

Hold their ink and air time to the fire.

A Fraud is a fraud, is a Fraud, is a Fraud!

Just like the movie, we must make them ashamed of their non-actions. Why is the media not talking about the 911 it too close to the truth?  Why are they not interviewing Michael Moore? They must be afraid?

You and I should be ashamed of the people, especially friends and family, who will not go to view the movie.

So rather than taking a chance that they could be right on what they have been subconsciously feeling. They simply turn a blind eye to everything that their media pundits and talk radio host tell them, certainly the news media would not lie!

The people who do not go to prove or disprove this movie are just as guilty as George Bush and his friends. They are despicable! They are un-American! They don't deserve FREEDOM!

If you don't view this movie.  DON'T  VOTE.

It time for the real Americans to rise up in righteous indignation and resentment and tell them..The Free Ride is over, you can no longer hide behind I dont want to get involved....Baby, let me tell you.  You are involved and you are dragging the rest of us down the road to destruction of the Constitution by you apathy.

I'm mad as hell, not only at Bush, but at you too!