Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Went down south below the Mason-Dixon Line to try something, which was to find out what the common folk who, believe it or not, never heard about tax-patriots and especially ones on trial!

I got about 26 (all different ages) of them in groups of 4 to 6 to view first the 861 tapes and then the videos of Larken and Tessa Rose. I could see them squirming half way thru the 861 disk, but I told them they were on the jury and a potential jail time was in their hands.

It was astounding the replies I received after the viewing.

All of them were upset as to…”how was the government going to function if the Roses win?” “I don’t want to be responsible for the destruction of my government, right or wrong”. So as much as I don’t want to see the Roses not go to jail, they never explained “how the government was going to pay for all the things we all use.” “And besides I have to pay….so should every one else. We must get Congress to change!”

Right before they were set to finish, I asked them if they were aware, if what the government was interested in was the collecting of taxes, than the government could have taken the Roses to civil court. Then there would be no need to send these people to jail. They immediately went from ‘guilty’ to not guilty’, all of them. It was like they came out of a fog.

For the first time they realized that ‘the threat’ was more important than 'the collection’, and they were not going to punish a person for trying to end the ‘threat’! They said the Roses did not fully explain that they wanted to do the ‘right thing’. They did not remember them saying that, WOW!

They made me promise that I would let them know what happens at trial and to let the Roses know ‘how they felt, then and now’!

Please help me get this message to the Roses, as they don’t talk or communicate with me, and THANK YOU!

Bob Graham Sr.