Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Larken,Why do you insult all the other 'patriots' who have fought the battle, [does it make you feel good?].

I feel sorry for Dick Simkanin but he did not fight the battle, as I read his transcript....he just let them beat the shit out of him. He listened to the wrong people and lost!

When oh, when will you stop listening to your ego....it will land you and your wife in jail!

Fight me all you want if it make you feel better, but I am not your enemy!

I cried when your judge rejected your motions, because you believe in him. I hoped you would have opened your eyes after that mistake, but it appears you won't.

You should at least allow Tessa to talk to me, for your daughters sake!

Bob Graham Sr.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Larken Rose" <larken@taxableincome.net>To: <rbgraham@comcast.net>Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 11:52 AMSubject: Memorial Day> Dear Subscriber,>> On this Memorial Day, I think it only fitting to honor people who have> sacrificed, and lost much, in their heroic efforts to defend our freedoms.> The one that comes to mind for me is Richard Simkanin, now in the custody> of the American Gestapo.>> I'm sure this will offend some people, but I think it's utterly silly to> think that FOREIGN "powers that be" pose anywhere near the threat to our> freedom that DOMESTIC "powers that be" do. And while the people off> fighting foreign tyrants generally get the praise of the American public,> those (like Mr. Simkanin) who fight the American tyrants mostly just get> funny looks from their fellow Americans. I think that's a crying shame,> and I for one would like to thank Mr. Simkanin for fighting the just, if> not yet popular, fight. >> Sincerely,>>> Larken Rose

I have lowered the cost of April 15th - The Fear Factor to lower than the cost price until after Larkens trial. I want every one to realize that ....if Larken had taken some of the advise in the book....He might have had a 'hung jury'. Now at this point....I can not testify in his behalf.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Wake up….you who claim to be afraid!

My father taught me, beware of men wearing dresses and robes; isn’t it ironic that both clergy and judges wear them!

What is the difference between a ‘pervert religious’, a ‘pervert IRS agent’ and/or especially a ‘pervert federal judge? Nothing….they are both the same; they are criminals. They commit crimes.

Both of the above criminals have violated their sacred trust, one to children who believed in their parent’s religion and the other to all Americans who believed in the United States Constitution.

Until a brave newspaper, the Boston Globe, published the first report on the sexual abuse of children by ‘priest’ nothing happened to these perverts. The Church knew it was happening but did not correct the abuse! Oh. Yes. They were transferred, but no prison time. Keep hearing confessions and giving communion, to the “I’m afraid people!”

The suffering inflicted upon these children was so horrendous, it is almost incomprehensible to imagine.

First these children were not believed. They were too mortified and shamed by their so-called friends and neighbors, who did not want to believe that their religious counselor would engage in such perversion. It’s a mind blower that is almost unbelievable, but it happened. I don’t believe this is what God wanted for his children. Do you?

In some cases, even their parents did not want to believe that a person who might have just heard their confession or given them ‘holy communion’ had performed a horrible perverted sick act with their child, but it happened and often! Oh, these poor children; oh, these poor now adult victims. What pain! To live with this memory for all these years, some couldn’t…they committed suicide!

It seems that the church is still trying to hide these perverts! How can the parishioners condone the Churches present actions? How can the ‘born again’ people condone these actions, is that the ‘Christian’ thing to do? Why is there not a world wide revolt against religious perversion?

Your denial is a disservice to ‘The Lord’.

If you don’t feel bad about yourself because of your inaction….you should….you are almost as guilty as they are! You knew and did nothing to stop it! Do you think that’s what ‘The lord’ would want you to do, nothing?

Is this the kind of religion you want to practice?

Now for the federal judges and the IRS, I can speak about the federal judge in my case. He abused the Constitution; HE RAPED IT! He is a pervert; he only wanted to save his pay check!

I documented his crimes in my book April 15th – The Fear Factor. He abused my jury when he read them the ‘Allen’ charge, see page 221 to 225. This charge is forbidden in the 3rd circuit, but he gave it anyway. This was given to a ‘hung jury’; a ‘hung jury’ is a verdict, the same as a not guilty or guilty! See page 222. You must read what the ‘Appeals Court” said about the judges action. [Pages 249 to 305]

The judge further abused the law and me when he tried to not allow my ‘reliance’ documents to be entered into evidence.

Had Larken read my book he would learn his next move by reading pages 116 to 122, after my attending so many tax-patriots trials an seeing the judge, time after time, denying reliance documents; a group of learned tax-patriots drew up a Motion to the Appeals Court which my judge did not want them to see for they would know what he was doing to the Constitution. I believe the same thing will happen to Larken!

Another of the many abuses was my court-appointed lawyer and prosecutors were law partners during my trial and no one knew, except the judge and the lawyers……how convenient! Read the judge’s comment about this abuse! Larkin’s judge already has started his abuse of the law, and he has not even gotten to the trial yet! Larken should appeal this judge’s action to a higher court, immediately.

The documentation of my judge’s legal abuses in my trial is horrendous; they should be punished! THE JUDGE RAPED ME, The Prosecutor RAPED ME, The IRS RAPED ME, And MY CONGRESSMAN RAPED ME! No, I did not get raped in prison; I was abused by the hacks, much the same way as the prisoners in IRAQ were abused!

There is nothing ‘honorable’ about a Court that violates the Constitution, the same as there is nothing holy about a Church that violates their young. It seems that the government is still trying to hide these perverts on the bench and the IRS….THEY ARE ABUSERS.

The juries want to believe in the government, surely the government would not lie, and surely the government would not commit FRAUD, and surely the government would not indict a citizen who had not committed a crime, would they? We as good people want to believe in our government, just like we want to believe in our clergy!

But what happens when the government is caught lying, committing FRAUD, indicting wrongfully. They must be taken to a ‘grand jury’ and if indicted they must be tried and if and when they are found ‘guilty’ they must be sent to prison, just like a ‘pervert priest’, just like a ‘pervert judge’ and maybe the congressman and media editor and reporters who protected perverts with silence or praise, or just plain did nothing to stop it, or maybe they just did not report the crime!

Every Congressman and every media editor received the ‘The 861 evidence disk’; I know I sent all of them an ‘861 disk’. I don’t know of any of the above who responded, either favorably or in opposition to this ‘disk’. Don’t they feel an obligation to the people?

I have been out of ‘behind the wall’ for almost 20 years but the pain and suffering are still with me, 31 months of judge’s inflicted torture. That’s abuse! Unfortunately, even though Larken is right on the law….these sick people can not allow Larken to be found ‘not guilty’. It will be surprising if most of the jurors are not government ‘plants’. And they will sell our/your Constitution for their dollars!

When family, “friends”, neighbors and others deny or doubt the necessity of what I did, the pain and torture I suffered returns. They make me feel by their actions that they are ashamed of me, when in fact I’m ashamed of them! They find it hard to believe, that two female prison guards would have me stand in from of them…’naked’ for two hours. At the time, I could not believe it, either! Were you shocked by the female soldier who did the same thing in IRAQ?

When these family, “friends” and neighbors lament and tell me that they ‘don’t want to go to jail’…they are afraid, or ‘what can one person do’? Feeble responses at best; the government is RAPING YOU, but you are not going to say anything and God forbid do anything. Do you feel proud of yourself? I don’t feel proud of you!

Maybe they don’t realize or maybe they just don’t care about perverts being allowed to abuse other people. Should we as a society allow ‘religious’, ‘judges’ and IRS employees to continue their perversion because it is not happening to me?

Should we ‘respect’ these family, “friends” and neighbors because they ridicule me, by their denial?

What about the congressman and the news media, should we respect them? Why should we support people who condone FRAUD, child abuse? Really, what kind of people are they? What kind of people are we?

I had a very difficult time believing that ‘priest’ would molest ‘alter boys’, actually they were molesting ‘God’s children’, the same way that the Congress and Judges are molesting their Country and their Constitution for a buck!

They are sick people and must be put in prison! These actions must STOP and NOW!

Can those who have stood the test of time….count on you? Forward this message to all on your e-mail list, and request them to do the same. This is the least you can do for your country….for your family!

Watch Larken and Tessa trial. Without your help the best they can look for is a ‘hung jury’. If they lose, will you then look into a mirror and ask yourself…what could I have done to make a difference, and if you answer nothing. Then that what you deserve and that’s what you will have for your family!

Follow Bob Schultz’s advise don’t pay them….the louder they squeal the better you will feel! Stop supporting the FRAUD! Get involved! Join the W.T.P organization. You can’t do it alone!