Saturday, September 22, 2007



I’ve got a NEW Front Page and it is loaded with reliance information!

I talked with Bob Schulz briefly, he said he did not know about the Appeals Court decision on my web-site

It is a real shame that these so called important people have mucked up so many peoples lives by not informing their followers about my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor. I did give them a copy!

Dick S. and Tom and Tessa deserve more than an apology of the highest order because they are in jail because both Bob S. and Larken R. refused to acknowledge that a good piece of any trial that was in my book, which they ignored. They are not the only ones who are in jail because they refused to read. How belligerent!

I have a audio version of my book if you can’t read or won’t read, call me for a price!

PLEASE someone get to Sherry, I have tried and failed! Tell her to read my Blog!


Bob Graham Sr.