Saturday, December 25, 2004

Robert B. Graham Sr.
46 Lark Drive
Holland, Pa., 18966


Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
United States Supreme Court
Washington, D.C. 20543

Justice Kennedy,

I read in the Philadelphia Inquirer that Justice Kennedy said, “I wondered how the court would assume that all patients were growing marijuana themselves instead of buying from drug dealers”. I am surprised that a man in your position would make such a statement. If ‘medical marijuana’ was de-criminalized (no longer prohibited)…it really would not make any difference, would it?

Whether a person bought it from a drug store or from the internet would be unimportant, unless the Court was only interested in who was going to make the profit. Let’s put those ‘marijuana drug dealers’ out of business.

Justice Kennedy, the War on Drugs has been another federal government failure. It has not stopped the use of drugs in the United States. It has only supplied more people for the U.N.I.C.O.R. prison industries, to the point that this ‘makes work’ government project is one of the largest growing businesses in the world.

I was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the year 2001. I was so debilitated at that time that I could not get out of bed. I would have written this letter in long hand but I still am having trouble controlling my fingers. I guess I am lucky to be able to type.

I tell you this because, a friend while I was in this horrible pain bought me a ‘joint’, as he called it, for me to smoke. That was four years ago. I did smoke it and I thought it had no effect on me, as I did not feel dizzy or anything else…..except for the first time in a couple of years…..I slept a whole night without pain. You know what it is like to sleep the whole night without pain.

Now that might not seem like a lot to you if you are not suffering the excruciating pain but to me it was a magnificent relief. I hope you change you mind and your vote on this important relief for so many seniors.

In a recent poll, nearly three-fourths of older Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical use. This poll was done for the nation’s largest advocacy group for seniors.

I wonder if you were afflicted with this awful living condition would you want someone on the Supreme Court to forbid you relief, in fact to enhance your pain?

What kind of country is this where the Supreme Court of the United States gives permission to federal agents to pursue sick people who use homegrown marijuana with their doctor’s permission and their States approval? Maybe you should start to think more about the American people rather than the federal government’s control programs.

I am 73 years old, and I have watched the United States go backwards with the support of the Supreme Court, and I think you and your other eight ‘justices’ should be ashamed of yourselves. Make America proud for a change….legalize marijuana for medical use.


Robert B. Graham Sr.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Guest Opinion by Robert B. Graham Sr. 12/21/04

On Saturday 12/20/04 it was reported in the Bucks County Courier Times by an undisclosed (AP) reporter… the United States forgives $4.1 BILLION Iraq debt. Where did this ‘reporter’ get this information?

The report stated that both Secretary of State Colin Powell and Treasury Secretary John Snow hailed ‘the move’ as an important contribution to the future of Iraq and its people. They signed the agreement in a ceremony at the State Department with Iraq’s Finance Minister Adil Abdulal-Mahdi.

What the report did not state is… Who gave these government bureaucrats the power to “forgive” this debt? I know that ‘Christians’ always forgive and President Bush purports to be a Christian is that the reason we are transferring this debt to the American taxpayers.

Some one has to pay the debt….don’t they, or does the debt just vanish?

When is a ‘loan’ a ‘gift’? Answer, when the loan can’t be repaid! I learned a long time ago; when you lend someone money and they repay the loan …you are a lender and they are a borrower, but when you lend them more than they can ever repay they are a borrower and you are partners.

Who or what law gave them (Powell and Snow) the power to give this $4.1 billion gift to a country President Bush is at war with? And, Why NOW is this a “creative booking” move for the Federal Reserve benefit? Who is going to pick up this debt? Mr. Snow how about some answers to these questions?

WHY was this “LOAN” made in the first place…so they could buy weapons of mass destruction, which were never found?

What did Iraq spend the money on? Who did the Iraqi’s pay the money to….Halliburton? Where did the money come from in the first place? Did the American people have a say in whether we would give them the money?
When was the loan made and how much interest did they pay, and to whom? Did the United States congress approve this loan, did they even know about the loan? Mr.Snow how about some answers to these questions?

I wonder if the Christian feel good about this ‘forgiveness’, I sure don’t feel good about this transaction? Mr. Snow how about some answers to these questions?

Doesn’t charity begin at home? Would this $4.1 Billion have done more good if deposited in the Social Security “Trust” fund, or maybe the paying of ‘college loans’ of American students or helping ‘homeless women with children’ in the United States?

Snow said,” I urge Iraq’s other creditors to work quickly in forging agreements like this to reduce Iraq debt”. Why, so they can borrow more money? He further stated, “This agreement shows our unwavering commitment to the Iraqi people and their efforts to achieve sustainable reforms and stability in their country”. Mr. Snow, who is “the our”, the American people or the American federal government? How about giving our Soldiers part of that $4.1 billion as a raise or maybe just supple them with the proper armaments to fight “George Bush’s War”. This way they won’t have to shoot themselves so they don’t have to go back to Iraq.

Mr. Snow…I sent you the com disk with the 6 questions the IRS refuses to answer. I know you saw my web site ( Why don’t you answer. Please forgive the American people their debts as we forgive others.


Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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