Thursday, August 18, 2005


An uncomfortable explanation!

In Larken Rose's message asking for money, NOT HELP! He states An acquittal was not my main goal.

I guess the only other goal was to be found 'guilty'. It is either 'guilty' or 'not guilt' or 'hung', what other choice do you have? You must have accomplished your goal!

I wish you had explained your feeling to me before the trial, and I feel that the 6,000 subscribers probably wish you had told them of your decision!

You left them out to hang and dry! Don't you realize that you placed the entire 'tax honesty' movement in jeopardy? And once Tessa is found 'guilty' the '861' defense will be useless!

On August 16, 2005, YOU sent out 'your asking for help' message. You don't want help, you want money! This sounds like a letter to mom and dad from a spoiled child. Don't tell me what I did wrong,'JUST BAIL ME OUT'. By the way, you used the word I/me 36 times in your message.

Larken, you were offered something of mine, worth more than money, my help! And you ignored it! You and Dr. Tom were more than disrespectful to me on a couple of occasions. You have been disrespectful to most of the people who were in this movement long before you discovered '861'. I resent it, you have not earned that position! Don't you think the government was aware of your disrespect?

You should not disrespect your heritage. I was, where you are today over 20 years ago, and I resent your arrogance!

I sent you an offer of help for Tessa, many times, but you both have rejected my offer! The idea is in my book and she should read it and do it! It can't be stopped, except if you never start it!

Although you did not read my book, April 15th - The Fear Factor and you proudly admit that fact! You better read it, paying special attention to the 'jail time' parts. You might discover why I felt compelled to write it.

I believe my book will benefit all of your 6,000 subscribers, for it is a blueprint to follow, sort of like, follow the yellow brick road. See! This web site featured you and Tessa for over two months! If that's not help, than what is it? Did you ever call to say...Thank You!

You spoke in such glowing terms about your judge and how to dress and behave in his court room! Now that he has whisked your jury out the court room by the back door with a 'marshal escort', that make everyone feel good about your verdict, but then you never 'embraced' your jury. You talked over their heads. They deliberated 90 minutes; some juries take that long deciding a 'traffic ticket' case. Boy, you did a pitiful job! It was reported that you disrespected your jury about their age, etc., etc., etc.

I was on the witness stand for 10 hours and my jury deliberated for 17 hours, it is all documented in my book. Did your trial last 17 hours? I WAS FOUND "NOT GUILTY" FOR WILLFUL FAILURE TO FILE!

I am an 'idea person'. You rejected an idea I gave you, which was hiring the airplane to fly up the New Jersey coast with about I million people sitting on the beach. The plane would be carrying a banner which read 'IRS is a Fraud' see! This idea would have gotten the attention of so many people, it might even gotten the attention of the media, you didn't!

The Philadelphia Inquired and the Bucks County Courier did not print one word of your trial and verdict, but the N.Y. Time printed that in spite of your 'poor performance', the movement is still growing! Didn't the media send you a message of your importance! I wonder why two reporters called me for my take on what you were doing!

And once your 'ego' is removed from the movement, we must go to PLAN B, and thanks for '861' it is still a fine piece of work! You didn't know how to use it properly!

Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. I can help Tessa maybe to get a 'not guilty'. Almost certainly a 'hung jury' and this will help your daughter. Let me help your daughter by trying to protect her mother!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Can you get this message out to all who know Larken and Tessa!

Will Larken get 25 years?

Larken set the tax honesty movement back 25 years! I said he would and a lot of you laughed at me!

He was brilliant enough to create the '861' defense and he was brilliant enough to entice 6,000 American "desperate taxpayers". Because of his mishandling of his trial., now, he has placed all of the 'Larken's 6,000' clearly in the crosshairs of the IRS terrorist.

Your ego did what the IRS couldn't do and you made it easy for them! You are still hurting the movement by not allowing your wife to talk to me concerning getting her a "not guilty"!

To not even consider anything but your ideas, is wrong! It got you where you are.

I listed on the Bob's Blog, the e-mail you sent me concerning my help! New readers, please read at least the last 10 messages!

The answers for the tax honesty movement is still in the book April 15th - The Fear Factor. Now if any one of the 'Larken 6,000' followers reads it and he still can't find what pages the answers are on send/mail me at , and I will get back to you!

I could not figure out why the IRS went for 5 years; they usually only go for three years, but the killing of '861'...was that important to them! If each count of his indictment carried a 5 year prison sentence, then 5 counts time 5 years equals 25 years. He will serve 6 years and 1 month minimum or a maximum of 155 months which is 12 years and 9 months. What will the "Larken 6000" do when he goes to jail for 25 years and Tessa is found 'guilty'. That is a terrible price to pay, especially when it could be avoided! Have Tessa call me and meet with me!

The wonderful judge, Larkens words before trial, probably told Larken, if he files his tax return and arranges to start paying his taxes (the end of 861) he would be lenient at sentencing, BUT IF HE DID NOT, THE SENTENCE WOULD BE HARSH! IS 25 years Harsh enough?

Had both read my book they would using 'the get out of jail ticket' for Tessa, immediately? You and he might think I am hitting Larken with a baseball bat... right in the head. You would be right, but it has no affect, it won't hurt him. Please read the last ten Blogs, he ignored all of them. Read his last message after conviction...he used the words I/me at least 25 times in four paragraphs!

His jury was 'out 90 minutes'; my jury was out 17 hours. His jury found Larken "guilty" of willful failure to file and my jury found me "not guilty" of willful failure to file. That fact did not stop Larken from ridiculing me.

You must get this e-mail Blog to Tessa immediately. Time is of the utmost importance!

It is time for Larken to get out of the road before he completely destroys his wife and daughter and what ever is left of the '861'. Does he care more about his ego than them? Ask him! Help me contact them!

I am suggesting to Larken that he make a deal with the devil rather than go to jail for any time. It took me 18 years to get over my 31 months in a 'level 3' federal prison. But he must make Tessa's release a part of any deal, if need be!

Bob Graham Sr. 8/15/05