Tuesday, June 10, 2003

It is amazing what a group of 20/30 Americans with the same problem can do to help themselves.

In 1978 (that’s 0ver 24 years ago) at one of our bi-monthly meetings, this IRS ‘raid’ question was of most importance and what could we legally do to protect ourselves from these armed thugs? It was decided because a couple of our members were in the business of installing home alarm systems, that anyone who could afford the approximately $250 should have one installed. Most of us already had alarm systems installed and an upgrade was in order. It seemed that no-one cared to have 20 to 30 IRS agents break into their homes and we were concerned over how to stop this ill-legal practice.

Most of them had a silent call system which, unbeknown to the IRS, was activated when the owner shut the door after he left with his family and dog. For three minutes it (silently) alerted the police, the media (T.V., radio and newspapers were also alerted) and about 5 members. These members would then alert about 300 other members. We felt that if we could get a lot of our members to attend this IRS raid and continuously question the raiders, i.e., “do you have permission to be in this house, and, if so; by whom?” Are you armed and Why? What are you looking for? And Why? These members could then call the police, again – constantly questioning them if and when the intruders would be either arrested or put out. Every time 3 or more members arrived the authorities would become more exasperated. The more the merrier.

After the IRS had entered the premises, the silent alarm became the loudest alarm I have ever heard. You could hear it 3 blocks away and when the door to any of the offices was closed – it locked and the alarm doubled in volume in that room and the water sprinkler was activated.

You could never believe the look on the IRS ‘raiders’ faces’ as they rushed from the house and saw the T.V. camera crews were taking their pictures. They got back into their cars, water and all. One of these raiders had his gun drawn as he left the house, while I was shouting at him – “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Please don’t shoot!

There were plenty of our members requesting the Feds to, please fill out this ‘Public Servants Questionnaire’ (Chapter 3, page 43 of April 15th – The Fear Factor). Of course we had our cameras and tape-recorders going full blast, capturing every moment of this ‘raiding party’ venture for use perhaps in an upcoming court battle with the IRS. What great evidence, and we don’t have to utter a word in anger. Once you spring the trap they set themselves, just hush up and go about your business (see Chapter 9, page 119, 120 of April 15th – The Fear Factor).

Remember, these ideas were developed in our Constitutional Classes. It is amazing what 20 to 30 fertile minds thirsting for freedom can conjure up in a two or three hour study period, working together. This is one of the most important reasons for having Constitutional Classes.

It is sad that Larken Rose and Bob Schulz did not read my book which I sent them. I am sure these ‘brilliant’, passionate, equally patriotic people can improve on the ‘MANY’ ideas I shared in the book. One such idea, I don’t know how it is going to work out, BUT a friend suggested a wire attached to a money box that not only screams “is that your money box” and it also records their fingerprints on boxes and envelopes and folders is hooked up to the police. What great evidence! Ask yourself the question – What are you doing to protect yourself from an IRS raid, if and when the IRS raids your home, will you have proof for your jury – if you need it? Wouldn’t it be better to have an IRS ‘raider’ with his gun out on a photo? This is why we would have trial-practice, pictures and tape recordings at IRS audits for all our members. HARD EVIDENCE!

Basic, uncomplicated and legal techniques that may be employed in displaying to Americans – the truth, about the IRS thievery can be found in my book…Some of the old ideas, some new ideas, all workable by anyone who wishes to protect those whom we care about.

I don’t know how many new W.T.P. members have stopped their withholding from their employers, but if you just do the numbers….a thousand persons a week times 52 weeks that’s 52,000 (52 thousand). The shear volume of dropouts encountered by the IRS will be astronomical….The IRS can not handle the volume. Bob Schulz and his W.T.P. Organization (400,000 strong) are doing a fantastic job. I don’t think a lot of people recognize just how quickly the IRS’s end is coming. Keep up the great work – Bob Schulz.