Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr. Graham,

It is my honor to request your presence to celebrate your contributions to the Freedom Movement by awarding you with the "We the People Medal of Honor" at our upcoming "Give Me Liberty" Conference being held in D.C. on March 29 - March 31.

We are also requesting that you be the Master of Ceremonies at the Awards Banquet with duties to announce the other recipients and present their Medals of Honor to them!

Our current potential list of honorees are:Ron Paul, Aaron Russo, Bob Schultz, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Viera.

Please rsvp to me whether you will be capable to attend and fulfill these requests.I was given this responsibility verbally by Bob Schulz during our AFTF Conference Call held Sunday, March 11, 2007, at 7:30pm CST. Fred Smart was the host.Please respond!Congratulations,Jim PalmisanoMissouri State CoordinatorAwards Ceremony Coordinator, 2007 GML ConferenceWe the People Congressjpalmisano@mchsi.comcell: 417-496-1973(call anytime)hm: 417-459-4234

YES, I accept and Thank you, Robert B. Graham Sr.