Saturday, August 14, 2004

Fred Smart,

I viewed the "911 in Plane Site" after I viewed the movie 'Fahrenheit 911'. I don't know if I would have believed 'Plane Site' if I had not seen the movie. But then I still find it hard to believe a catholic priest would touch a little boy. I am in a little bit of denial.

This combination "PLANE SITE" and the movie "Fahrenheit 911" must be seen BEFORE 'the 861 evidence disk', build a progression of terrible actions (documented FACTS) by our 'elected officials' which no one can deny! We must turn up the 'heat' on the media, as much as they don't want to report these atrocities....we must force them to do it, and now.

The major question now becomes.....If we take away the 'secret' stamp and really open up the closed doors of the hidden chambers of the Washington elitists, would we be able to stand the stink and stench of the federal government and their justice system?


Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. Fred, I am going to put this e-mail on my Blog!