Friday, October 08, 2004

The problem finally surfaces!

You say, “Propaganda is a nasty sounding word meaning salesmanship.” You are wrong, AGAIN!

Larken, every country in the world has doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses etc., but the only countries that succeed are the countries that have ‘salesmen’. It is the only profession that separates capitalism from communism.

There are some people who are ‘born’ salesmen but most have to secured their skills by hard work.

Most companies know that they can invent a wonderful product, such as the ‘861 evidence disk’ but it’s going to take salesmanship to convince a grand jury that the message is good for America.

I recognized your lacking in this area and I offered to help you. It was for my benefit as well as yours and I told you that, but you refused to consider my help. I wish you would reconsider.

You and your wife are the creators of the ‘861 disk’….YOU MUST GO BACK WITH A COMPUTER TO THE GRAND JURY AND WATCH AND EXPLAIN IT TO THEM….THE PROSECUTOR IS SURE AS HELL NOT GOING TO DO IT JUSTICE! You have a wonderful opportunity to end this FRAUD!

I am willing to ‘prep’ you, are you willing to learn? You have taken the first step by insulting ‘salesmen’, but they recognize that is an admission of needing help.

Needs and wants are totally different….YOU NEED HELP…..DO YOU WANT HELP? Are you big enougn to accept help?

Best wishes from a SALESMAN,

Bob Graham Sr.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

You just refuse to understand!

Larken, I just read you pitiful explanation of a failed grand jury appearance. I guess it is easier to blame someone else than take the blame yourself.

I have e-mailed you at least 10 times before you went before the grand jury and twice before Tessa's appearance. You never replied!

You and Doctor Tom are always talking about using the law. In a baseball game the law is the rules. Now if you hit a home run, while rounding the bases, even though the ball cleared the fence, you missed touching third base and you touched home plate and go to the dough out and the 'umpire' throws a new ball to the pitcher who throws it to the third baseman who touches the third base bag, you are out. The home run does not count. YOU ARE OUT!

By your own admission, you knew, "the prosecutor gets 16 months or more to influence (lie to) these people in secret, and we get a few hours to counter that, after they are already prejudiced against us". You are right. Where you are wrong is, "there is little chance of them going against what the prosecutor wants". If you had read my book, April 15th - The Fear Factor, you would have known, in the only two cases where I testified, they went against the prosecutor. in fact, they, the grand jury, requested the prosecutor leave the room and that was over 20 years ago. You could have used my book as evidence.

You and Larken MUST go back and testify again but this time you MUST BE PREPARED!

Can you hear the prosecutor now saying to the grand jury. what did I tell you, these are two arrogant egotists who only want to use the law to not pay their fair share. You made his case! You missed third base and if you don't turn around and go back and touch third base you are out of circulation, and you did it to yourself.

Larken, you have hit a home run with your 861 disk! BUT you have failed to touch third base.

Can you just imagine, going back with a computer and sitting with the grand jury and YOU EXPLAINING without the prosecutor in the room. your disk. There were two enemies in that grand jury room one of them was the prosecutor, the other was you.

The grand jury wanted to be your friend, you allowed the prosecutor to run the show. He get paid for convictions, he doesn't get paid for acquittals. You did nothing to show the 23 people that he was giving them "poisoned meat and not ham sandwich". Go back this time. Really prepared. You must get rid of the person who is advising you on grand juries. they are way off base. They are wrong! It is easier to convice 23 persons on a grand jury rather than 12 on a petite jury.

If you will not respond to me. I believe you are not responding to the grand jury. If you won't read my book and if you can't admit, you did it wrong and you won't go back to testify, I believe you didn't give the 23 good people a change to not indicte you. Would you read my book if it meant you and you wife would not have to go to jail? You told them instead of showing them. You should show them how, instead of up!

You didn't listen before. will you listen now?

If you get indicted, it hurts everyone. Please touch third base, you did hit the ball out of the park with the 861 evidence disk, sit and watch it with the grand jury explain it to them....make sure they fully understand it and then ask them if they want to stop FRAUD in the United States.

This grand jury asked all the right questions, but they did not understand you answers, so go back and re-explain until they do understand. Touch third base and you won't be out!