Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Guy Petrozillo,

The couriers ‘editorial’ “Not good enough” is your opinion. You statement…”and enough about taxes”, certainly is NOT GOOD ENOUGH because you fail to mention the ‘861 evidence disk’ which definitely show that the federal government, especially the IRS, is committing FRAUD.

Now, is the Courier Times aiding and abetting this FRAUD? Your editors know about this ‘861 evidence disk’. I personally sent three (3) of you a disk. You did not report anything about why Farnsworth,”who stopped paying taxes several years ago”, did what he did. Do you know if he is required under law to file? How did you find out that Farnsworth is under scrutiny of the IRS?

Why doesn’t the Courier Times ‘rise to the occasion’ and at least report about the ‘861 disk’? You know one day….your censorship will be exposed!

Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. What kind of name is Guy?