Sunday, January 08, 2006




Seldom do I see any emotion on T.V. but yesterday I saw a female reporter 'nail a limpdick' from IBM on CNBC. The subject was IBM new policy for 'retirement plans for their employees'.

I wished that I could get the Watson Wyatt Worldwide report to her concerning their fact of 71 of the nations 1,000 largest companies froze or terminated pensions last year.

Liz you were "HOT" and I mean that in a good way!

Check out Verizon Communication which broke contracts with 50,500 employees, two weeks before Christmas....Merry Christmas!

On the same show Ted David in banter with his 'floor man', made the statement "That if we did the same kind of job as the person who had an important position was doing, they would be fired." There are a lot of 'good' reporters who just don't show any passion about their work. These two seem to.

I am going to continue to watch this show, sometimes the commentary reflect a true feeling of the 'talking heads'. I usually 'mute' this but I am glad I didn't. I strongly suggest that you watch and listen to this CNBC show from 10 to Noon.

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I am going to send this message to the above reporters and ask them to find out if Martha Stewart is still a licensed broker and maybe she would not have gone to jail if she wasn't under their jurisdiction? BUY GOLD!

Boy am I getting hits on BOB'S BLOG! On . over 100 a day, it seems that someone is nervious obout my last Blog!