Sunday, February 29, 2004

When being ignored is a good thing!

‘We the People’ and Bob Schulz, followers and friends, there is a train coming down the tracks at a speed of 100 miles per hour and you are sitting on the tracks…do you want me to shout this message or whisper it?

On Feb. 2, 2004, almost a month ago, I published a scathing Blog concerning ‘We the People’ and its leader Robert Schulz. I pointed out that I sent him a copy of my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor, and he did not read it, in fact he ignored it. Maybe if I had billed him he would have read it. This glaring mistake cost one of his financial followers – 29 guilty verdicts and he, Bob Schulz, testified. I don’t know how Bob Schulz can ignore or not respond to this criticism. It is one thing to not know, but it is ridiculous to have the answers and not use them. The price is so high! The jail time is too long and too hard!

I want one and all to know. I am not associated with ‘We the People’ and especially Bob Schulz and Devvy Kidd in any way. Although I think what they are trying to do is Good, it has been a failure. In the last two years, they have not received a reply from anyone in Congress, nor have they heard a peep out of the IRS. yet! They have only managed to have one of their contributors get really whacked by the IRS and the so-called justice system

They were not expecting the result, and apparently were not prepared to win a potential landmark case. The stupidity of Dick Simkanin defense team, captained by Bob Schulz, is high lighted by the governments 11-1 loss in the first trial and a 29-2 government win in the second trial, attest to the magnitude of the failure of this ‘wonderful’ legal team. Let hear it for this bunch! They must realize just what they are doing wrong and correct their attack. To the supporters of this team…Defending failure only leads to more failure!

Knowing how most of the sick minded prosecutors and justice department people think, I believe before this April 15th it will be Bob Schulz’s turn in the barrel and its coming, Bob. Unfortunately, Bob will be as prepared as he was on his T.V. appearance with adversarial TV Hosts, or as a witness for the defense. Until he unplugs himself from the losers who are advising him, this movement will continue to live on ‘speeches instead of action’! The remarks from the attendees at the Washington meeting in the last WTP announcement sounded like a eulogy.

They have not even acknowledged that I wrote a book! This is when being ignored is a good thing, the gov’t should not be able to put me in a conspiracy with ‘We the People’ and Bob Schulz and Devvy Kidd to harm the federal government, but they might try.

I implore Bob Schulz to insist that his followers read my book! To gain some insight! Their recent failures in court should send up some Distress signals. To reinvent the wheel is foolhardy and irresponsible; let alone time consuming. The enemy never sleeps.

Twenty years ago, I was put through the same trial routine that Dick Simkanin was subjected to, and I won. To ignore my information means that it will be repeated again on you!

If all the people in the tax movement read my book…we would be on the same page and ready to move forward.
We must be prepared not to defend our position within the movement, but with the outside world.

Rah Rah meetings will not cut it! We need leadership that insists on a Department of Media, A Department of letters to the editor, A Department of communication with in the movement, a Department of Tea Parties and /or Picnic all across the United States open to one and all, I might even travel, etc, etc, etc. Different leaders in charge and a complete reporting system with a daily e-mail system, no one who wants to know should be kept in the dark. Do not worry about the government finding out…..they already know! In fact; let Kilroy deliver our future message! Can you feel the excitement?

Think about the life the judges are living…do you think they want it changed? What about the lives the congressmen are living….do you think they want it changed? If you were a judge or a congressman, what would you do to prevent any changes in the system?

Twenty years ago during my trial I did not keep repeating to the jury that I believed the IRS and the federal government had at least two members of the jury on their payroll and these two ‘plants’ had to find me ‘guilty’ of something, anything. This was a terrible mistake on my part, and it will never happen again. Any ‘guilty’ verdict places you under the jurisdiction of a judge and he will make sure you eventually go to jail! Remember; it is his paycheck!

The federal government will only take a person to trial in an income tax case when they have at least two ‘plants’ in place on the jury. They, the government, will not take the chance of losing, you can rely on that, they will threaten any attorney, as they did mine after my trial, with dire consequences if they do not do what the government wants.

If you don’t want to learn to defend your Constitutional Rights……pay them their 40% protection/extortion money……and don’t ever call yourself a Patriot. I know Patriots and if you pay you are NO PATRIOT. Cowards and would be dummies ….don’t deserve freedom! Go HIDE!

20 years ago, the government scared the ‘patriot’ out of people, they disappeared into their fears. Today again, there are the meetings with wonderful speeches, chest pounding and pumping up the spirits, but if and when Bob Schulz is convicted…his movement will be in the toilet and freedom will be hidden for another 20 years, thanks to a lack of leadership and defending failure!

We must insist ……that juries find only ‘not guilty’ and ‘hung’ verdicts……..NEVER should a ‘guilty’ verdicts be reached, if we are to be free Americans.
Get off the tracks and go get a copy of my book! I have a ‘chat room’, fight with me, but let me know what YOU intend to do. If you haven’t the time to read, get an audio tape of my book!

The only way evil can prevail is for good men to do nothing!

Besides everything else – let’s sing……Oh when the Saints come marching in….let’s sing every day at noon or whenever and however you want to sing….Oh when the Saints come marching in….people will start to ask you why are you singing….when answering – use your imagination, say something like…..”the thought of the abolishment of the IRS make me happy and ask them how does that thought sit with them…..if they say wonderful, then tell them to sing at noon….Oh when the Saints come marching in….come on Bob Schulz and Devvy Kidd sing….let me hear you in Philadelphia. Oh when the Saints come marching in……louder….Sing….Be Happy…..Larken says the end is coming! I believe him, SING! This is OUR song, it will drive them crazy! Sing. How many new recruits to the honesty movement will we get every day? The answer depends on YOU, will you SING?