Saturday, October 11, 2003

Advertising is what you pay for;

Publicity is what you pray for!


Judging by my e-mail and other correspondence it seems most "patriots”“ would rather complain than ‘jump on the free advertisements’ or work and pray for some ‘free publicity’.

I don’t know why some people resent the ‘great article’ in the newspaper ‘above the fold on a Sunday on the FRONT PAGE….but they did and they wrote to me in an unfavorable manner. The they are NOT the government or the Judges but prominent people in the ‘tax HONESTY movement,’ people deeply involved in stopping the fraud.

Ask yourself;….will the media put a picture of you on the ‘front page above the fold’, twenty years after you have been released from a level three prison after serving thirty-one months ‘behind the wall’. Or will they say; patriot who?

Why don’t you find out why the media did not report on Larken Rose, I requested they report on the “RAID on the ROSE household” and they ignored my request!

Did anyone question the Texas media, the New York Times or the Washington Post report on Dick Simkanin’ s illegal jail time? Did anyone write to the judge as Renee did? Congratulations Renee, you are a great woman and I am one who appreciates ALL you have done.
If there is talent within the movement and it has proven itself…..isn’t it sort of STUPID to criticize or ignore it? Why not utilize what ever advantage is available? If the leadership in this movement is not smart enough to recognize the fact that they are not having their picture and the movement’s message on the ‘front page above the fold’….why don’t they, or whomever is advising them recognize this or won’t they listen either? The movement seems to be stuck. Do you see any free publicity? I see paid advertisements and paid lawyers.

The American legal system has made Gerry Spence, a lawyer from Wyoming, very wealthy. I read most everything he wrote before my trial and I used many of his legal techniques when I wrote my legal briefs and my book…..April 15th – The Fear Factor.

At a seminar, Spence stated, “The purpose of the law is to keep those with power in power.” “It is not to bringabout justice. The system wants to get rid of those whom it fails, rather than acknowledge its failures”. Spence said, “In 51 years of practicing law, I’ve never met a prosecutor who would refuse to charge a case he thought he could win, no matter how weak the evidence was. In our system, winning is everything, for both the prosecution and the defense. We really haven’t progressed much past trial by ordeal.”

We can learn a lot from Gerry Spence. In his new book, The Smoking Gun”, he very much looks the part he plays in the media so well; the lone gunslinger from Wyoming who in half a century has never lost a jury trial. He further states, “That the average American can get justice in this country is a dangerous myth”, he says. “IF you’re charged with a crime and can’t afford your own lawyer – and most people can’t….you’re going to be represented by an extremely overburdened public defender, who is handling dozens of cases at the same time and who simply doesn’t have the resources to battle the government’s prosecutors.”

In many cultures, the elders are revered as mentors….Perhaps the tax rebel groups should take a history lesson from those who’ve already blazed some of the trail to change, over 20 years ago.

History has a way of repeating itself unless we learn from history, it is sometimes called experience. Some people in an effort to prove themselves right ignore certain segments of history. For example, I just finished reading an articulate eight (8) page message from Larken Rose, titled …….How did this happen? Larken Rose, with his complete knowledge of the 861 argument; could be a “paid expert” in Federal Court. I believe the IRS is afraid of him intellectually, they can’t handle him. He is the tax movement’s brilliant legal person. I doubt he would lose any cases to a jury…he is that brilliant, BUT!

Unfortunately, not one paragraph is dedicated to the “Victory Tax of 1943” (page 11…Chapter 1). I believe this is a time before Larken Rose was born. This is where the government got ‘Rosie the Riveter’ to pay for the 2nd World War. The government figured since the people were making a lot of money producing ‘war materials’ with no place to spend it….let’s tax it…they won’t mind …..They want to win the war and after all the government said the tax will be gone in 1945, they said it was temporary! When the government realized just how much money they were collecting in taxes…they weren’t about to kill this goose laying the golden egg. Temporary became government speak! The only problem for government…..what do we do with the surplus?

Larken Rose’s video tape is great. I wish I had it to teach from in 1976, but then I didn’t write my book yet. I hope Larken Rose does not think he knows it all. I have tried to contact him in an effort to HELP everyone, but he does not answer my calls. Bob Schulz is making an appearance in TEXAS; I am praying that he gets some ‘free publicity’. Do you think an elder statesman could help him accomplish this feat, might we get a picture ‘above the fold’? Bob Schulz has not returned my calls and I have written and called him many times in a hope of unification of free people, free ideas and free publicity! If you are counting on a lawyer or WTP lawyer remember…a lawyer’s ticket to practice law can be punched by the government for any reason at any time and then where are you?

If you don’t think you have time to read my book now, not to worry, you will have at least a year or more in prison to read it. You can get an audio or my book, look at my store. Would it be great if Americans arrived at trials, meetings, etc., wearing “I’m here to help you” - tee shirts and sweat shirts….see store

Wouldn’t the IRS feel proud?

What message of respect would this convey to the judges?