Friday, February 03, 2006


Can George Bush’s federal prosecutor defend an American citizen?

George Bush…when you say you are going to take responsibility….you are not only a liar….you are one sick puppy and the American people are starting to recognize it!

George Bush….You want another 178 Billion for more wars….print it, and go fight it with your daughters….leave mine alone!

George Bush….tell your federal prosecutors….the American people are getting really sick and disgusted with their un-American actions of prosecuting people, Arthur Farnsworth, with out a civil trial before you take him in front a criminal trial. What is this China; Russia….what kind of an American doesn’t care about the Law, answer a federal prosecutor.

Most American don’t realize that the federal prosecutor can not defend an American citizen….the federal prosecutor can only defend the federal government.

Cindy Sheehan who was arrested for un-zippering her jacket by George Bush’s goon squad. The officer’s “good faith” mistake to enforce an unwritten interpretation of prohibitions about demonstrating in the Capital, said Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer. Maybe Chief Gainer should be fired or demoted at least and take his president with him!

This federal government is totally out of hand!

Abolish the “make work” jobs of the home land security, or if you really want to upset the Arabs…. send them to Iraq to find the terrorist and bring our ‘national guard’ home to protect our people. If you need more troops…send the IRS and their buddies the federal prosecutors. If they can’t do the job…it means that the job can’t be done, leave it alone.