Thursday, April 28, 2005


Larkens opinion of his judge!

On April 3rd, 2005, Larken Rose sent out the following glowing observation concerning his judge, Michael Baylson.

“Late last year, in the Philadelphia government corruption case, J. Baylson rescinded a precious order keeping certain grand jury testimony, FBI tapes, and other materials sealed from the public. Concerning his order that the information be made public (released to reporters), J.Baylson said the following: “as a matter of public policy, the court refrains from entering a veil of secrecy on material that is of great public interest where there is no legal mandate to do so.”

According to the paper, J. Baylson then quoted Alex de Tocqueville concerning newspapers, saying: “The evil which they produce is therefore much less than that which they cure.”

In today’s Bucks County Courier Times by a mystery writer, U.S. District judge Baylson took the extraordinary step to release a juror after questing her and each other members of the panel in private. His reason which he stated, “I find that she is biased against the government. She is biased against the FBI agents as to their occupation that it goes beyond disbelieving specific witnesses in this case”. He added, “Other jurors had complained that the woman “Was refusing to consider the evidence and was set in stone”. (Were these the government plants?)

The dismissed juror was escorted out of the courtroom and into a waiting elevator. Baylson ordered her not to speak with reporters”.

What do you think of this judge, Now?

Outraged attorneys for the five defendants shouted criticism at the judge during an emotional open court session following the decision. See pages 116 and 117 of the book, April 15th – The Fear Factor….and this was over 20 years ago!

Several defense attorneys asked Baylson to declare a mistrial or recuse himself from the case. One called him a “fifth prosecutor” another said, “The overall net effect of what you have done is side with one faction of the jury and my dismay cannot be put into words”.

Another attorney accused the judge to trying to send a message to other jurors that anyone who holds for an acquittal against the rest of the panel could be removed at any time. See pages 120 and 121 of the same book….The Allen Charge. Forbidden in the 3rd Circuit!

One fellow juror said in a note the dismissed woman had made several statements suggesting that she believed the entire prosecution of the defendant was a government conspiracy.

Larken, two things, First: You had better have a motion to the Appeals court, in your hands, to recuse the judge because he is biased and prejudiced and second: You better let the jury know that the government puts plants on the jury, so beware, show them the newspaper article of 4/28/05! You must give some help and instructions to the jury that wants to find you ‘not guilty’.

Your jury must understand your dedication to the evidence because they would not have this much dedication. You have so much information and by their standards unless you address this, they will have to overcome their own shame and guilt before they can find you ‘not guilty’. The jury must vote against their own stupid principles to find you innocent, and it is almost impossible to change the principles of one person….look at us.

One of us has been there and the other is going there, and the one going refuses to talk to the one who was there. Is that stupid or what?

Convincing twelve jurors that they have been dumbed down by the system for so long that they literally will not accept that one man can be right and their entire system of belief’s is wrong. You must show them that another man was found 'not guilty'. It is very hard to be the only person in the room who is right, ask me. I wrote a book, most people in the movement will not buy the book and most of those who bought it have not read it, so Larken, while you are trying to convince the jury of your innocence….the other side will be trying to convict you! You have a big problem, made bigger by yourself, but I wish you well, and I still remain here to help you if you will let me!

Bob Graham Sr. 4/28/05