Monday, March 22, 2004

What should happen to the people who

Upheld and Benefited from the Fraud?

I just received a three page document from Larken Rose in which he debates with himself “what is to become of the perpetrators of the income tax crime?" I liked his description so much that I will use it as a guide. Great work, Larken! Since Larken did not experience a trial and an incarnation within their facilities, I fully understand his limited sympathy. I am going to share with you and Larken my desires.

First, my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor documents the atrocities perpetrated by people, not by organizations. The Judge was a person receiving a pay check; he did not know me before the trial. When he realized that if I was successful, he would have to change his evil ways – he put me in jail and allowed the prosecutor to lie, in order to enhance my punishment. Definitely all of these persons involved in my trial should be tried and if convicted they should be sentenced to jail for the same amount of time which they gave me, and in the same type prison, a level 3 – behind the wall. I am sure the present inmate population will give them a fine reception, something that will take them 18 years to put behind them as it did me!

These people should be subjected to the same level of mentality as the ‘hacks’ that ‘guarded’ me; the same horrible living conditions which they forced me to live under, the stench of the bathrooms was unbelievable; the same horrible food, sewer trout…hockey puck veal patties, etc, etc. Their families should be subjected to the same restrictions as my family for visitation and of course the mental midget counselors who deprived me of ‘furloughs’, and constantly said, “you wife is a beautiful woman, I’ll bet she is out ‘whoring around’”. If I hit the s. o. b., or said anything, I would have gotten a ‘shot’ and did more time, so I had to sit there and take it. I would bite my tongue and the inside of my cheeks so hard they would bleed, I did this so I would not do or say anything that would result in more time or recrimination.

I especially wish the reporters who led the propaganda reporting on the tax movement be forced to stand in ‘line’ at the prison laundry and at the commissary line, outside in the cold, rain or snow to purchase their weekly supplies, which were marked up and way overpriced beyond belief. These ‘so-called intellectual smut peddlers’ must be made to realize the evil of their ways. They enjoyed the run, they laughed hardy, hardy as they wrote and now it’s time to pay for their pandering.

Larken says there are two groups (a. says we were defrauded, (b. says that is nonsense. These (b) persons should be put on trial and if found guilty…they too should go to jail. If they participated and wrote anything in support of this fraud they should be made to at least wear an IRS armband for the rest of their lives, not even taking it off to sleep. This punishment might seem embarrassing, but it is but a small part of their punishment. We need to set an example!

Of course, anyone involved in the perpetration of this fraud will not get a pension! They got paid for creating our pain! They should also be made to make restitution to the people they subjected to any pain with their ill-gotten profits.

Now, to the government ‘officials’ such as the President, the Congress and all the bureaucrats who went along with the cover-up and fraud, either knowingly or not; they should have investigated on their own. Banister and others did and they quit, so why didn’t the rest quit? Besides losing their pensions, they must wear an armband letting the world know they were evil. . Remember they did not want anyone to know they worked for the IRS. They were ashamed before while they were bashing, threatening, vilifying and occasionally terrorizing the American people. These people should be tried and when found guilty of the above crimes; they should be sentenced to jail. They are terrorists! The Congressmen who held hearings, which I and others, attended should get the same punishment. They definitely knew better and they aided and abetted the IRS.

Larken says, they will hide behind phrases like…”that wasn’t me, that was someone else” or “I was only doing my job”……put them on trial, let them tell it to a jury of their peers….And never, never accept…”I’m sorry”. You think you are sorry now just wait until after the trial! You will find out what sorry is!

There is a song, “I want to be around to pick up the pieces”…..I hope I am around to rejoice just like they did after my arrest and conviction…they were sick people, who relished in inflicting pain and suffering on my family and others. My grandfather told me, wait, and payback is a bitch. Let’s start telling these sick people, what we think will happen to people who perpetrate a FRAUD!

Why don’t the people down in Texas tell the terrorist Judge what is in front of him!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

In my Opinion….An Attorney took Dick Simkanin’ s money and allowed the federal government to steal his life! By Bob Graham Sr.

If Arch McColl accepted money for defending Dick Simkanin he should be tried for impersonating a defense attorney! Because of this attorney’s ‘brilliant’ defense, his client was found ‘guilty’ on 29 of 31 counts of an indictment. He did not even win on one ‘not guilty’, I wonder if this was a typical day in court for this attorney.

Almost every one is really upset with the trial ‘judge’, but it was up to the “defense” attorney to defend his client, and he failed, miserably.

You might ask, who is Robert B. Graham Sr., I am the author of the book April 15th – The Fear Factor. In 1983, the government manufactured two indictments against me. The first was a three count indictment of willful failure to file and the second was a 30 count indictment, one count of conspiracy to defraud the legal functions of the IRS and 29 counts of aiding and abetting.

In 1983, I was found “not guilty” of 1 count of willful failure to file and the jury was hung on 2 other counts of willful failure to file. I too had an impossible judge and a stacked jury with two government plants. This took place in Philadelphia over 20 years ago. What were you doing 20 years ago?

In reading Dottie Harrison’s account (see our Home page ) of the proceedings on the We The People web site, I wonder why this ‘learned’ counsel did not put in an emergency Appeal of Judge McBryde’s order which appears to intentionally prevent counsel or anyone from reading the copy of the full transcript.. That was after the trial, but before the trial why was there not a extremely strong ‘objection’ to the Appeals Court to challenge the information from a government “informant” that he never appeared in front of the grand jury nor did this person ever submit an affidavit. Why, with reference to the grand jury indictment, did any attorney allow the government to use IRS ‘hearsay evidence’ without Appealing to a higher court?

There are so many times Arch McCool failed his client by not objecting and saying “Your Honor. It is abundantly clear that my client can not get a fair trial in your courtroom, I am asking for a mistrial!” I know if the second time the judge was abusive to Dick Simkanin, had ‘his’ attorney made this above statement and every other time he made the same statement, there would have been a mistrial. When you go to a gun fight with a knife for protection, you are stupid.

On page 117 of my book, I recount from the transcript what I said in which from the witness stand I testified for 10 hours. This took place in 1983, over 20 years ago. I said in open court from the witness stand in front of the jury, “This document is what I relied upon. It states in this document, a United States government document, that I had a right to take the Fifth Amendment on my income tax form, and if I don’t take it – I waive my Right.” “You don’t want this jury to know the truth, do you?” If you don’t want to believe what is written in a United States government document by U.S. Senators, why should anyone believe you, BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM? Bullshit.

I was screaming in utter disrespect at this point, “I demand an immediate Appeal to the 3rd Circuit Court to prove you made a mistake in denying me my Constitutional Rights. You are not interested in justice, just your paycheck.” You can read on page 118, the judge’s apology which he made the next morning! What effect do you think this apology had on my jury? What effect do you think this statement would have had on the Simkanin jury?

I screamed at him, “I’m going to file a Motion with the Appeals Court to have you dismissed, you are biased and prejudiced, and I can’t get a fair trial”. You have denied every one of my Motions, every one. Your opinion of the law will put me behind bars. You opinion of the law is flawed and tainted. You are a disgrace to justice; you should be ashamed of yourself. All this judge wanted to do was to give me ‘jail time’ and I didn’t want to go! I was not in this court room to become a friend of the judge. I was there to try to prevent this runaway government from putting me behind bars. As in the Simkanin trial the government had declared war, and this or any attorney are not prepared to fight that war!

I didn’t read anywhere in any of the trial reports by anyone in attendance where Arch McColl raised any serious ‘objection’ to what this out of control judge was doing to Dick Simkanin. In fact it was reported that Dick Simkanin was not allowed to enter a single piece of documentary evidence in the trial. This is one of the most important items in the book. Dick Simkanin was denied his right to present what he used as a basis for his ‘good faith’ belief for what he was doing.

We are making a request on to everyone who attended this farce of a trial to let us know if you will participate in getting this crime by a federal judge John Mc Bryde to be investigated by a ‘grand jury’ in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Please read the full request on the Home page of this web site. By the way let me know what you think of the FLASH!

Remember, when a judge ridicules you or a group that you are a member of, i.e. tax protestor, just tell them, Bob Graham’s grandfather told him, “Beware of men wearing dresses”, and this proves that in this courtroom…..I can not get a fair trial! Is the judge in this case any different than a terrorist? Why treat him with more respect than a terrorist? Will respecting this judge help your cause? I don’t think so!

The judge got paid, the prosecutor got paid, the defense counsel got paid and Dick Simkanin most likely will pay….with his freedom!Had Dick Simkanin read my book, which I sent him….maybe, just maybe….he might not have hired this attorney. At least he might have had another hung jury! That’s why I wrote the book, it is all documented! Are you prepared to take your turn in the barrel?

Can I interest you in a “plan of action”, (1) buy the book or the audio…so that we are all on the same page; (2) band into small groups to study…Freedom of Information, writing a brief, etc.;(3) have a centralized picnic…invite strangers; (4) use you imagination on letters to the editor and regular call in to radio-talk shows; (5) sing the ‘saints’ song and when people ask you why you are singing……”tell them you are thinking of the day the IRS is abolished. Ask them if they like that thought? Tell them to sing and maybe they would like to meet others who would like to ‘sing and be happy’. (6) Let’s start to train (educate) the masses to take jury duty. Teaching them to never bring a guilty verdict in an income tax case no matter how many government plants are on the jury; and to be smart enough to be dumb enough to get on a jury! Pass the word…..only ‘not guilty or hung verdicts’! (7) Will you suggest new ways to help?

When the public sees Larken Rose’s new video many millions of Americans will drop out from filing and paying taxes. This is the time for We The People to grow into the force that will command the U. S. government to answer our Petition for Redress of Grievance and stop the fraud of the IRS and don’t forget Kilroy is your friend!

If the government had nothing to fear, they would not need a federal judge to deny Dick Simkanin his Constitutional RIGHTS. They also would not need to plant paid jurors to find him guilty on all counts. It is not going to get better only worse, unless we all get on the same page, support the We The People effort. Bob Schulz needs this massive push from everyone. Will you help? You need us and we need you….sign up for a plan of action. Now is the time….can you feel it?


p.s. Bob please let me know when you get this article and what you think of it, and when are you going to print it on you website.

Fourteen days ago, I, Bob Graham, sent the above message to Bob Schulz. He, after a heated telephone conversation witnessed by Fred Smart and Mike Bodine, finally stated he wished I would write something he could publish on his web site, after he had approved it. He claimed he had 84,000 persons who would view his site. I offered to pay him a commission for each book sold. He declined my offer, but I said I would donate moneys to his tax-free corporation to help the cause. This action would also help finance my future involvement to fight for our Freedom. Everyone better wake up, it cost money to win, and I can’t print it like the enemy does. There is no such thing as a free lunch or a free book!

Please read what I wrote, if you agree with me, please call Bob Schulz and request him to publish my message. As a salesman, I know engineers despise salesmen but Salesmen do have Constitutional Rights to protect and salesmen do not like to be engineered to a halt and salesmen will get the job done! Tell Bob to let me help him, he can not do it by himself, he has proven that.