Friday, June 27, 2003

Guest Opinion of Robert B. Graham Sr. June 26, 2003


What kind of an American are you?

We are approaching the 4th of July, which we as a people celebrate as ‘Independence Day’. At 72 years of age, I must tell you. I am disgusted with what WE have allowed our Country to become. And the worst is yet to come!

It saddens me to say “conventional wisdom” of most people is ‘patriotically incorrect’ and darn right harmful to our Constitution. First, It’s important to get the details right. When I and other say the income tax is a fraud, most people roll their eyes and ‘c.w.’ takes over. It is easier to fight with a couple of honest people who have uncovered the ‘theft’ and the deception used to perpetrate this bogus tax than it is to spend time and effort to abolish it.

I’m referring to Section 861; this Section describes what counts as domestic income. Section 862 describes what counts as foreign income? It is the REGULATIONS under Section 861 which explains when domestic income is actually TAXABLE, by showing how income is only taxable under the “general terms” of Section 861 when it derives from certain “SPECIFIC sources or activities described in OTHER sections of the CODE (i.e. “operative sections”).

If you don’t know what that meant (and the law was DESIGNED to be confusing), Might your “c.w.” need correcting, so that YOU don’t pay a tax which YOU don’t owe. When you investigate and find out that you have been duped. Get angry with your Congressman, he knew or should have know. I am sure he does – I told him! And now that he knows it what is he going to do about it. How many ‘terms’ does this person need to - correct the deception.

Certain IRS top employees have admitted that the tax code is so complex that it is virtually impossible for anyone to figure out what he actually owes, but when hundred of citizens ask the IRS and their government a few basic questions about how they should determine their taxable income and all they get from the IRS is threats and insults. Dismissing the issue as “frivolous”, mischaracterizing it as a “tax protestor argument”. This is an evil affront to the principles of ‘due process’.

It is appalling to me that the IRS has people as agents that think nothing of ‘raiding’ citizen’s homes in Montgomery County reminiscent of the ‘Nazi’ storm troopers.

Buy a video tape by Larken Rose called “Theft by Deception”, it will confirm, the federal governments 90 year fraud. Finding out that these government people used deceptions for there own benefit to deceive YOU is terrible!

The IRS people with a vested interest and that include accountants and C.P.A. will not answer six questions.

1) Should I use the rules found in 26 USC § 861 (b) and the related regulations beginning at 26 CFR § 1.861-8, to determine my taxable domestic income?

2) If some individuals – including myself- should not use those sections for determining their taxable income, please show me where the regulations say who should or should not use those sections for that.

3) If a U.S. citizen lives and works exclusively within the 50 states, and receives all of his income from within the 50 states, do 26 USC § 861(b) and 26 CFR §.861-8 show such income to be taxable?

4) Should one refer to 26 CFR § 1.861-8T (d) (2) to determine whether the “items” of income he receives (such as compensation, interest, rents, dividends, etc.) are excluded for federal income tax purposes?

5) What is the purpose of the list of non-exempt types of income found in 26 CFR § 1.861-8T (d) (2) (iii), and why is the income of the average American not on that list?

6) What types of income (if any) are not exempted from taxation by any statute, but are nonetheless “excluded by law” (not subject to the federal income tax) because they are, under the Constitution, not taxable by the federal government?

These six questions were sent to Pamela F. Olson, Asst. Secretary for Tax Policy and Jim South of the IRS and they never answered any of these questions. H. and R. block did not answer them either.

Did anyone from the IRS ever tell you that “you were required to file”? Did any accountant or C.P.A. ever tell you that “you are required to file”? Who told you to file – an editor of a newspaper?

The present ‘media’ is an affront to justice – they are only a propaganda machine for the government, and they should be ashamed of them selves – April 15th – The Fear Factor, proves they are despicable. These people have yet to write a review of my work!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

On June 25, 2003, I saw a “Target Letter” from David L. Jarvis, Assistant United States Attorney. I am going to try to get his letter to Mr. Richard Simkanin on my ‘Blog’ along with my comments.

This letter is the greatest ‘opportunity’ for a citizen to defeat the IRS before they get into Court. Usually the D.A. owns the grand jury, but as you will read in my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor (see Chapter 16). This invitation by the enemy (D.A), presents an excellent opportunity to let these Americans citizens who are the last wall between a tyrannical government and freedom, to hear the truth from a mouth of a real American, YOU,

My testimony not only prevented an indictment of a tax payer but caused the government to disband this grand jury. I really was trying to have this grand jury ‘come back’ with an indictment of the prosecutor for trying to “violate” the law. The government starts their letter with the words ‘possible indictment of federal law’. I believe once you show evidence, Larken Rose’s tape – theft by Deception, any American grand jury will be extreme upset. Remember, most Americans do not have a clue as to the deception. Most Americans would like to believe their government. These same Americans get very, very upset with the federal government when the IRS uses lies and deceptions to deceive Americans.

If you do not allow Americans to know why they should support someone who the government says has committed a violation of federal law. The grand jury is only hearing one side of the story, IF YOU DON’T TESTIFY!

You have been invited by the prosecutor to tell the other side of the story and to present evidence, to prove your case against the IRS. If you don’t take advantage of this magnificent opportunity, one-half of your defense has been wasted, and by you. Inform the grand jury that they have the RIGHT to request the prosecutor to leave the room and that YOU will talk to them, person to person - no holds bared.

Americans are great people; they can and will protect freedom, if they know the facts. The government is not going to show the video ‘theft by deception’. The government is not going to tell them to read the book, April 15th –The Fear Factor. The government is not going to tell them they can listen to this book on disk tape. The government is not going, to tell this grand jury about The government is not going to tell this or any grand jury about the many web sites, ie.,,

The prosecutors ‘target letter’ invites YOU to testify with the provision that your testimony could be used against you. What about using this testimony against them. Wouldn’t that be a kicker? You are testifying on a completely voluntary basis and you have been invited. Take advantage of the invitation, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

You should tell the media in writing of this written invitation by the prosecutor and “if you don’t get indicted” what will they report? If you still get indicted, you can still use your testimony at your trial.

I know you can win – I did, read my book especially Chapter 16 about the grand jury. Don’t deprive yourself of this glorious opportunity of not having to get indicted. If the grand jury does not indict you, the prosecutor can not put you on trial and the ‘judge’ can not abuse you to get the jury to give him the power to send you to jail! Remember the jury is the only one that can give a judge the power to put you in jail!

Help for Mr. Simkanin

Subj: Help for Mr. Simkanin
Date: 6/24/03 9:05:03 PM Central Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi Mr. Simkanin,

Please accept this e-mail as a gift from me. I truly believe that if any juror reads my book April 15th - The Fear Factor, that juror will never find any person on trial for deceptive taxation guilty. I will donate 12 copies plus one for you. I want to help you in any way I can. I will even appear as a witness if you so desire.I doubt the government will ever allow me to be a witness at any tax trial. Please let me help, if you think I can. I believe I can along with Larken Rose will be two of the most compelling witness in your behalf.

Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. I am not good with this computer and sending messages, so please help me get this information to Mr. Simkanin. Let me know if it got through.