Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dear Tessa Rose,

I hope your husband Larken and YOU, realizes that he failed to prove his innocence on the national ‘talk radio’ show last night.

The moderator did you a great service by showing both of you how ‘unprepared’ Larken was. If it wasn’t for Sherry, who was great, the moderator would have stopped the show after the first hour.

I know I cannot help Larken, he will not let me, but I was found “NOT guilty” of willful failure to file, while two of my co-defendants were found ‘guilty’ of ‘willful failure to file’ at the same trial. I must have done something right.

I would like to help YOU and your daughter; keep all of you out of jail, including Larken. I am not saying you will win if you accept this help, but it just might! At least Larken will be more prepared.

That talk show and Larken's new tape (IRS caught cheating) gave the prosecution their ‘close’. Don’t be surprised to hear, “I almost got away with it” Larken's own words….he must address this statement…all during the trial…the government is going to make him sound like a ‘smart ass’ who just doesn’t want to pay ‘his fair share’. They will wipe the smile off of his joke!

Both of you must answer the questions in the juries mind that the moderator was asking Larken all during the radio show, many times. The jury can’t ask the question, but they will be thinking all the time “how is the government going to pay for running the country”. The moderator kept asking and Larken refused to address it. Sherry answered it, but the moderator wanted Larken to answer it.

Tessa, you must address it in your ‘opening’ statement and when you take the stand and when you ‘close’. The moderator did not understand, but by God your jury had better understand. Larken did not make it clear to the moderator!

IT is self-serving to state that 6,000 people sent a letter to the IRS and the government only replied with force…..It is important that YOU sent a letter to the IRS and this is what they replied to you. 6,000 people are not on trial yet….YOU ARE! It is the IRS law…not your law….IT is up to them to explain their law….it is not up to you to explain their law!

You must bring up the 6 questions at least 20 times and ask, "Why didn't the government answer?"

You and Larken better listen to the tape of that show at least 10 times. You can bet your prosecutor is listening to it right now. My wife cried…”Larken is so unprepared”. “He appears to talk down to everybody…..for if the jury doesn’t understand him….they will understand the prosecutor and Larken and his wife will go to jail and their daughter will lose a mother and father.

Larken is more worried about government lawyers…when he should be more worried about his jury which he must educate and convince of his innocence!

Tessa, no man or woman is going to understand Larken clavier statements about his family, it is unrealistic. I would like to work with him on perfecting this very weak point, if he will let me. He should have said that others have won in court a ‘willful failure to file’ case. He acted like he would be the first. That hurt him. That hurt his creditability!

I know Larken will not read my book, but if I mail you a copy will you read it? IT will help you not go to jail. There is no reason for your daughter to lose a mother and a father, but if you don’t get Larkin better prepared, he will lose for you and for his daughter.

He has said to me that I can say if he loses... “I told you so”….but I will say nothing I will just cry, for what might have been! I hope this message is not to hard, BUT GOING TO JAIL WILL BE HORRENDOUS!

Please call me, we don’t have much time!

I am putting this on my Blog, so that I know that you read it! Larken refuses to answer other information….I have sent out an e-mail with your 861 message to every newspaper in the U.S….I have just finished Missouri, that over 1600 e-mails, that's a committment!


Bob Graham Sr