Friday, December 26, 2003

An Open Letter to you the TAX NON- Protestor!

As 2003 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on some of the tax protest movements and whether or not any progress has been seen!

While indulging this introspection….Monday morning quarterbacking…a fellow traveler called and spoke candidly with me….He wanted to do something with regard to the tax movement BUT was frustrated…trying to make ends meet….getting another job, trying to get the wolf from the door…facing increased property taxes….facing increased health care costs, maybe a college tuition to pay for, a car to replace, etc, etc., has caused him many sleepless nights….after all Bob, he said, what can I do as a person, with limited time and limited resources, and no time to attend rallies or even contribute to the war chests of the tax movement? Just what can I do? He implored?

After some thought, I finally understood his dilemma and the dilemma faced by million of Americans who deserve freedom from the tyranny of the IRS. No doubt about it; Average Joe American (not working for government or any organization or company contracting for government) is hard pressed to join the front lines of the tax protest movement because he just can not afford to take the time off from work and family, BUT; he as all of us who are out there scratching for a living wants to do something.

Well that something is here; doesn’t cost a bundle and takes very little time. Briefly, it begins with owning April 15th – The Fear Factor; digesting the material will provide some insight into the true nature of the IRS fraud forced upon us, as a Free people.

Also thru my book discover the true power that we the tax paying people have over our government and laws…thru the Jury box….Consistent “NOT GUILTY” verdicts can nullify a law faster than a speeding federal judge. We are in an age of precedent…our advantage, if we use it right.

Too simple? Not at all. Powerful? Indeed. Two little steps easily accomplished by Average Joe American.

• Check out our web site for a refreshing perspective…..
• Contribute your ideas…use us as a sounding board.
• Advise us of any tax trials in your area, we will attempt to bring out interested parties.
• Update your e-mail address with us so we may advise you of any happenings that affect - We the Tax paying people.
There now; that didn’t hurt at all, did it?


p.s. You could pass this message along to one or two friends.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Why the tax movement MUST go on the OFFENSIVE!

Even though the IRS imposes interest and penalties on delinquent accounts to the point where the typical tax debt grows by nearly 300 percent, The IRS has instituted a new fee.

Effective November 1, 2003, the IRS charges a fee of $150.00 for processing an Offer in Compromise, read Treasury Decision 9086. August 15, 2003.

How can a government in a “free society” violate a citizens RIGHT by forcing a citizen to sign an oath on their income tax return under threat of perjury. The 5th Amendment guarantees – NO citizen shall be compelled to be a witness against himself.

But, when you sign the jurat on a tax form, you are swearing under oath that what you said on the form is true, and you waive your Constitutional Right under the 5th Amendment. (See the Citizen Guide under the Constitution….see store in

Too many American people do not realize that the Grand Jury is their FRIEND. We, all across the United States, must as Americans volunteer to testify to the Grand Jury and inform them of the Great Government Deception…..the federal income tax which is legally invalid, and the Grand Juries are the last defense against the enemy within….the IRS.

For decades millions of Americans have surrendered a significant percentage of their hard earned pay to the federal government, thinking they were “complying” with an income tax law. In reality they were “complying” with an intricate deception crafted by a handful of government lawyers in conspiracy with Congresspersons, judges, prosecutors and accountants.

Congress imposed a strict Constitutional limit on income taxes, applicable only to certain foreign and international commerce. That tax was then grossly misrepresented to the American public even though the law itself proves that that is not the case.

Once the Grand Jury sees the video tape “Theft by Deception” by Larken Rose and read the book “April 15th – The Fear Factor by Robert B. Graham Sr. They will understand that they, the Grand Jury, are the only people who will change the deception and stop the fraud.

Only 30 percent of the American people believe the ‘magic bullet story’ of JFK’s death which the government continuously tries to get the people to believe. The government doesn’t need taxes; they can just print the money…like they did with the IRAQ war. When President Bush wanted 87 billion, he just asked the Treasury to call the Federal Reserve and request a check for $87 billion which they deposited in their checking account and immediately created the requested $87 billion, which the government will never repay. Why not print the tax money – the government says it needs?

If anyone on any jury, i.e. Grand Jury or Petite Jury can not understand IRS Notice 2001-40. They should find the IRS guilty of fraud and must indict the federal government. It is not the responsibility of the citizens to explain the government’s law for the government, it is the duty of the government to explain and answer questions clearly to the citizens concerning the government’s tax laws. The Grand Jury should indict the prosecutor for trying to indict a citizen of a fraud being committed by the government. The government can’t and won’t fix its self. It will require a grass-roots effort and a strategy of one American educating another American concerning the ‘Rights of Juries’ and testifying to these Juries concerning the government fraud and how they the ‘Grand Jury’ can stop the governments crimes.

Can you just imaging if every citizen who did not have a vested interest in getting your tax money were to listen to Larken’s Roses tape, Theft by Deception and read Bob Graham’s book, April 15th - The Fear Factor. I believe the corrupt judges and prosecutors along with the collaborator accountants would have to find honest jobs.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

p.s. Yes, Virginia we can fight city hall…..tune in for instructions after the 1st of the year…check www.feartheirs.