Saturday, September 27, 2003


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After twenty years, {20 years}, there on the front page of my local paper was my picture (7” by 9”) above the fold, which the newspapers photographer selected from the over 60 pictures he took. The reporter spent over 45 minutes on an interview which he initiated. There is a fantastic message in this story for all tax-paying citizens. Please read it and pass it on to your friends, so they can pass it on to the media. I am certifiably charming! Ha!

The submitting reporter (Brian Callaway) works for a person who is now the editor of this newspaper. A couple of his articles are published in my book, April 15th – The Fear Factor. It’s important for you to read this book because another editor of a sister newspaper took this same article, and re-punctuated it to make it sound nasty and used a different picture by the same photographer. You would not believe you are reading the same article. This editor was a reporter who distorted his articles when he was a reporter. I documented his articles in my book.

When I requested of this reporter (now editor) that he ask my co-conspirators “why they had not taken the witness stand”….he did not! When I requested that he ask the government (IRS) “why all the co-conspirators were not charged with the same crimes”….he did not! Unless people demand complete reporting….all they will get is an opinion, not facts.

As you will read in my book…Guy Petroziello did question the foreman of the jury, who read a prepared statement concerning the trial and the jury. There were many questions which I suggested he be asked which this reporter refused to ask. Even today…this editor former reporter, 20 years later, is still biased and prejudiced toward me. He has a copy of my book but refuses to comment in the media. He is still a coward! Guy, why are you hiding?

I am upset and disappointed because outspoken people who have put their necks on the line can not get their GREAT MESSAGES in the newspapers. Larken Rose, for example; has used the LAW itself to show how the income tax has been grossly misrepresented to the American public AND misapplied by the IRS. You would think the print media would beat a path to his door but NO, the next article in the newspapers will be his first.

Go up on and read the excellent article by Larken Rose entitled – Why Fear an Armed Public?

This patriot has been terrorized (under the guise of a “search warrant”). The IRS staged an armed invasion of his home, stole most of his computers, and all of his financial records. They also took two hundred copies of his “Theft by Deception” video. NO REPORT of this violation of Larken Rose’s Constitutional RIGHTS was printed. Why does the media protect the terrorists employed by the IRS?

Notwithstanding the ease of arm-chair quarterbacking; had Larken Rose used my book as a check list he most probably would be in a more aggressive position to defend his Constitutional RIGHTS. For example: the use of the “Public Servant Questionnaire” as outlined in my book This way he would have the names and badge numbers of the ‘raiding party’ to subpoena at his or any trial. He also could use the third party ‘friends’ who questioned the raiders as witnesses using tape recorders and questions from the questionnaire as shown in my book. Why didn’t he have the local police sign and witness what was happening to him under the ‘color of law’. He could then use the local police as expert witnesses.

This was a perfect time to question the IRS agents as outlined in my book. If he or his reporters found information as to recent moves from California of any of the IRS agents, this revelation would have led to many other questions. By the way; Larken never mentions an exact number of the ‘raiding party’, nor did he get their badge numbers. How does he know in fact if they were legal representatives or the IRS? Were they carrying guns? Did they have a proper state permit or were they packing ‘illegal’? This is a good reason to practice a ‘mock raid by anyone’, before the fact.

Most importantly Larken states,” To tell the truth, it was downright sickening watching some of the agents trying to convince themselves that they are the good guys”! When the IRS agents ‘actions’ appear in print…they speak loud and clear…terrorists in action!

It was a perfect opportunity to ask the IRS the 6 questions concerning 861 and their ‘theft by deception.’ Look under “Understanding Taxpayers Rights in click on letter to get the questions. I would like to ask every taxpayer to ask his accountant the 6 questions. Please send me a copy of your accountants reply!

As Larken so brilliantly states, “The IRS agents fear the common man being armed, because what the IRS does causes the common man to hate their (IRS) guts. His solution, “the IRS should not do things that might make the general public want them dead.”

Larken writes “Don’t underestimate your enemy”, but I state “Don’t underestimate your friends and co-workers, either.”

Granted, the best efforts of all who oppose in some way the manner and amount of taxes we are subjected to can be thwarted not by government tyranny but rather by We, the people, when we roll over and say ‘here’s the money’…just let me live in peace.

Then WE, as our shining editors, our Juries, and judges and yes, our politicians, have sold our souls, our children’s futures, and American’s freedoms out.

Much has been said about my trial…reading the transcript of what ‘really’ happened clearly shows that three of my ‘co-conspirators’ could not tell our jury what was in their hearts as they had professed they would do at the head of so many classes in which they extolled the message. Never forget, the jury wants to be shown….since they believe their government…YOU MUST TAKE THE WITNESS STAND TO SHOW THE JURY THAT YOU ARE NOT HIDING ANYTHING!

You must open your heart and tell the jury what is there! This is the reason I was found “NOT GUILTY” after 10 hours on the witness stand. My testimony must have had a tremendous impact on the jury. The government could not prove their case against me but my co-conspititers were found “GUILTY” without saying a word…..Just thought I’d try to clear that up….

After 20 years it seems that Larken Rose’s position of not trusting anyone is right on point. He as a loner, and he will never be convicted, but I believe too many of 861 ‘followers’ don’t have the conviction necessary - not to be convicted!

The most important lesson to be learned by all this is the JURY MUST hear from your mouth what is in your heart. This information MUST be backed up by the written word and the video tapes you relied upon!

I am sending this article to a reporter at the newspaper (JDMullane) and I implore his boss (Guy Petroziello) to comment on what he has done in the past and what he is doing in the present. Why is his newspaper hiding my book? It’s not as if four of their editors have not received the book, they have talked to me about the book. Are they shamed into silence by their inaction?

Wednesday, September 24, 2003