Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hi Arthur Farnsworth,

Do the tax movement a great big favor!

Tell everyone that Bob Graham told you… would be found GUILTY if you did not fire your attorney and represent yourself.

Tell everyone that Bob Graham told you to have a ‘Motion to Recuse the judge because he was biased and prejudiced and you could not get a fair trial in his courtroom!’ This motion was to written and in you hand before the trial to be used during the trial!

Tell everyone you partially read Bob Graham’s book…. April 15th – The Fear Factor! AND Bob Graham spent about 25 hours trying to help you, for free! NEVER AGAIN!

Sure enough as Bob Graham told you the judge would go off…and he did! Tell them you did write the Motion to Recuse.

Tell everyone that Bob Graham told you to “OBJECT” when the judge tells the jury that “He will tell the jury the law and they must follow his ruling”. You are to inform the jury in a very polite way that the judge is going to tell you ‘his opinion’ of the law and everyone knows that 9 judges and two bottles of whiskey and you will get 41 ‘opinions’.

Tell everyone that Bob Graham told you to put a pair of shoes on the table and request the jury that they ‘wear your shoes’ so that you can get a fair trial.

Tell everyone that Bob Graham told you to inform the jury ….”If the government had wanted the money….they would have taken you to civil court, NO they want you, the jury, to give them the right to beat you up for questioning their taxes forms, which you claim are corrupt! You must show them the ‘861 disk’ and the Arron Russo documentary, as evidence. Tell them you did show your jury the disk and the documentary!

Tell everyone that Bob Graham told you to tell the jury how the government doesn’t need taxes because they can and do ‘print’ what they need! AND all the money they collect goes to pay the interest on the federal debt!

Arthur, please read the chapters in my book about prison, it won’t make your ‘time’ any easier.. I had a prison warden tell me that they were the most honest and complete accounts of prison life she had ever read!

Maybe you can cop-a-plea like Larken Rose did while he was throwing his wife under the bus, but then you don’t have a wife! You both hurt the tax ‘honesty’ movement.

If you are a member of this group and think this message is hard….follow them to jail!