Friday, September 15, 2006

Bob Graham on The Gene Chapman Radio Hour

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Gabcast! Chapman For President 08 #32

I am going to make this short. When the federal judge states to the jury….”That he will instruct them on the law”…He is using jury nulification!

If you don’t at that point stand up and politely tell the jury that the judge just insulted them in the worst way. The judge is accusing them of being morons. Then you are going to be found guilty and you will go to jail. I will explain later!

You can’t count of any lawyers, who are officers of the court, to risk their license for you! Look at the past results!

You can’t count on any federal judge to be honest and not biased in a tax trial, look at all the past results.

In a later Bob’s Blog, you will find more information about the ‘government plants’ on your jury and what you should do about them. If you appreciate this kind of information please let me know at!