Friday, January 09, 2004

Open Letter to We The People membership and all the people who attended the Dick Simkanin TRIAL!

If a team lost 29 to 2 in a championship game….the coach or manager or leader would be fired! If this leader had feelings for his team he would quit.

I don’t want Bob Schulz to quit…..I just want him to function. The first time out of the box…..he and his people get creamed….29 to 2. Boy did the government let some air out of their hot air balloons! I now wonder if Bob Schulz and Larken Rose have learned anything….like humility….or respect for people who have won. If they haven’t…….they will be found ‘guilty’ 40 to 0.

If they are not ready to work together, I need…a copy of the transcript or this trial and the last ‘hung-jury’, which was 11 – 1. I believe W.T.P. should pay to have it reprinted. Their members will profit from my research and labors.

Something drastic happened between these trials……and I would like to find out what it was, so we can correct it. Otherwise, Dick Simkanin would have been used as ‘cannon-fire’, and so will the rest of their memberships. If you don’t learn from the past, you will repeat the mistakes in the future. Remember, I won in 1983, it is in my book. If I had been invited it to discuss this case before trial, we might not have won BUT we would not have lost 29 to 2.

I have been insulted and I feel abused by both Bob Schulz and Larken Rose and at this present time….I would not care if both wound up in the joint, but I would feel terrible for their families. This is why I am still offering an ‘olive’ branch. I hope some one with ‘common sense’ will insist that these two egomaniacs change their attitudes toward me and others, before they send more good people to jail because of their belligerence.

Please let me know, I want to hear from as many as possible! We MUST start to work as a TEAM! There are many things we must do immediately…let me know if you are interested. I am not going to Washington; I don’t need a speech on how we lost 29 to 2 by our leaders. We have work to do in Fort Worth. Can we work together….WILL we work together? You know my answer…my e-mail is

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Can you really afford to go to jail following people who have failed; because they would not read my book - April 15th – The Fear Factor.

Two of the “leaders” of the tax honesty movement testified to the jury in the Dick Simkanin trial. Obviously they did not get their message across to the jury. The jury returned a ‘guilty’ verdict on “29”, that’s 29 counts of violating U.S. income tax laws.

Both of these ‘leaders’, who testified, have a copy of my book, in fact I sent a copy to Dick in jail. Obviously they did not read my book. They all should feel ashamed of themselves.

I am not saying that Dick would not have been found guilty on one count, but never on 29 counts. I was found “not guilty” on three counts of willful failure to file and “guilty on one count of conspiracy to violate the lawful functions of the IRS. This guilty verdict came about because of the baggage of co-defendants, who would and did not take the stand and tell the jury what was in their hearts.

Neither of these leaders has ever been on the winning side of a tax trial and if they don’t lose some of their egos and pomposity, I believe they will both go to jail, because of their arrogance and attitude.

They better read my book, BUT more importantly YOU better read my book and if you can’t read buy the tapes! This book is a start and with it comes a guarantee of my ‘expert testimony’ in your defense. And I am not Mr. Peepers; I am lightening in a bottle!

You don’t win a court battle out side the courthouse; you win it in the courtroom! Although I must say …The Signs were GREAT!

Sure I am angry, I had my pro bono attorney say in ‘opening arguments’ “Yes ladies and gentlemen of the jury…there has been a crime….and as you will find out… is the government who committed this crime. This statement was screamed at by the defense and the judge…..BUT, we then stated ….we will prove it! AND WE DID!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Mullane: Guy Petroziello and the rest of the Courier Editors dodged….April 15th – The Fear Factor! WHY TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH?

Robert B. Graham Sr.

It took 4 days for me to break a New Year’s Eve resolution, writing to the media!

Your statement, “These are the young men from Bucks County who were killed in 1970. They were among the 134 Bucks County residents who died in that stinking war….J.D. please check with your Congressman and see if the Vietnam ‘whatever’ was a declared WAR! It wasn’t, why were our Boys fighting in an undeclared war.

Why to this day do the media call it a ‘stinking war’?

I resent your use of the word “Suckers” and I am sure the parents of the Boys you named feel the same way. Who made these boys “suckers and dead”. Was it Mr. McNamara and the President who killed all our boys to satisfy a military complex?

“President G. Bush told us that we needed to go to another undeclared WAR! I too wonder where are the weapons of mass destruction? Are we the People being “suckered AGAIN?

The ‘real suckers’ are the people who are paying taxes and filing. There is no law that says that any citizen working in the US has to file or pay anything. Section 861 spells it out pretty plainly. The United States Federal government has made “Suckers” out of all because of FEAR and the media has allowed it. You are a very important part of the media; don’t let your people down.


Robert B. Graham Sr.