Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Hi Tessa Rose,

As you know I am not a lawyer, so this suggestion should be considered in that light!

I believe that if you tell your jury, that the judge will instruct you, That if You believed in your reliance documents, i.e., Theft by Deception Tape and the 861.info disk. even though they are correct, you can not be found "guilty" for believing in your reliance documents. Even if they are found to be incorrect, you can not be found "guilty" for believing in them.

Tell them the judge will instruct them to find you "NOT Guilty" if you believed in your reliance documents, and you can't understand why they brought you to trial, since the government know this fact. The only other reason would be...a couple of government plants on the jury getting paid $500 a day with a $1,000 bonus for conviction!

The IRS has had my reliance documents for years. I told them for year and I am telling you now, I relied on these documents . I believed they are right and truthful!

Tell your jury that you tried to get your 6 questions answered, but the IRS has not answered them as of today! The IRS wrote the law, so they should know the answer. Why don't they publish it in the newspapers so all could know that answer? There are only 6 questions and you don't know the answer, so please do send me to jail for not knowing the answer or possibly making a mistake. Ask them is this a reason to send a mother to jail and take her from her daughter? What kind of government people would send a mother to jail because she did not know the answer to questions the government should have answered?

Tell your jury that you wanted to pay your legal fair share and that right after this trial you and the IRS will be going to a civil trial so you may pay your legal fair share as the law provides. Tell them that this trial is not about money!

Monday, October 31, 2005

E-Mail from Larken Rose!

Dear Subscriber,Tessa's trial begins on Monday, November 7th (a week from today) at thefederal courthouse in downtown Philadelphia (601 Market Street). Thistime around, at the suggestion of our lawyers, we're NOT trying to packthe courtroom like we did for my trial. If you feel compelled to be therefor reasons of your own, you're certainly welcome to come, but don't feellike you should go out of your way to be there for our sake.I hate to sound like a condescending nag, but once again, if you attend,please be on your best behavior. I'll be there as a spectator this timearound... being on my best behavior.

The above e-mail came from Larken Rose on October 31st, 2005.

I dashed off the following e-mail….If you go to court without an “Appeal”, in your hand, stating.... the judge is biased and prejudice….then you are crazy.

Irwin Schiff went without one and the jury found him guilty on all counts. You, Larken Rose, went with out one…and the jury found you guilty on all counts.

When oh when are the people in the tax movement going to read my book…..I was found “NOT GUILTY” of willful failure to file.

Every tax ‘whatever’ must read pages 116, 117 and 118, there they will find out what I did and what happened!

Don’t be a ‘moron’ and not read this book, what the hell do you think I wrote it for…the IRS.

Your don’t have to be like Larken…..judge for yourself….if it helps you fine….if it doesn’t help you, just disregard it.

Let’s see if it helps Art Farnsworth!

By the way, Larken doesn’t state what ‘your best behavior’ really is. I don’t believe Tessa has a ghost of a chance….with or without an attorney….unless she…. ‘Dimes’ on Larken. I will not testify for her unless I can wear my “I’m from the IRS…I’m hear to help you”, shirt. Larken still has not learned anything from his court appearances. What an egotist!