Saturday, December 04, 2004

Dear Bob Martin,

At least you had the courage to furnish the public with your e-mail address, and phone number 610-313-8027.

Your article of December 02, 2004, leads your reader to believe that you still blindly believe that the world is flat. Your statement, “For the record, the law is clear enough for me and the millions of others who recognize our obligation to pay federal income taxes,”

What would you call someone who pays for something they don’t have to? Answer, A. a fool, B. a reporter for the Daily News?

I hope you will answer Larken Rose’s e-mail; it does answer all the questions and miss-statements you raise, PLUS. The six questions the world need to have answered are listed on my site along with the ‘861 FRAUD’ disk’.

You must remember, it is the IRS law, all we are doing is requesting the IRS furnish answers to the six questions concerning their ‘law’. The IRS wrote the ‘law’, we did not.

For if the IRS will not or can not answer these questions…then the federal government is committing FRAUD. My question to you, Bob Martin, is the federal government above the law? And what do you call a reporter that defends FRAUD?

Once you learn the truth, you cannot unlearn it….you must deal with it.

President Bush is really considering changing the ‘law’. But, the government can not “fix” the law; the main obstacle is they can’t just change a few words. Congress must pass a “public law” that explains the substance of the change. Imagine a law which comes right out and says the income on international trade is being expanded to cover the income of all Americans. In other words, to change it they would have to admit that previously it did not tax our income.

Imagine if they did come out and admit that most of us never owed the tax but then the new “law” would tax us all. I doubt 100 million Americans would just ignore the fact that they had been defrauded in the past.

Nothing can erase the historical evidence at this point. That why I wrote my book. It documents what a Philadelphia federal judge did to keep the fraud going, way back in 1983. It also document what a Philadelphia Daily News reporter did to send me to jail because of his bias and prejudice.

What do you think the 5,065 convicted felons will do to the vigorous prosecutors and the corrupt judges and the reporters who parroted the IRS line?

What do you think the rest of the frightened Americans who were coerced in to paying extortion will do? That’s about 100 MILLION pissed-off Americans.

Remember, American citizens who got paid to help the feds defraud the American citizenry of Trillions of dollars, that includes Accountants, Attorneys, etc. how about the ruthless IRS agents, and let’s not forget that big part that the U.S. Congressmen played in backing their play, and certainly we must remember if they could not get prosecutors and judges to punish those who did not want to be subject to their ‘fair share’ of extortion….none of this would have happened!

It’s payback time and you know the old saying, ‘payback is a bitch’. As for me, I would like my prosecutor, judge and all the IRS agents involved with my prosecution to be put on trial and when found ‘guilty’ they would have to serve at least 31 months ‘behind the wall’. As for the biased and prejudiced reporters and editors…they would have to write every day a thousand times for 31 months, on a big blackboard in the center of town…..I am biased, prejudiced and stupid.

Maybe then they would research the facts before they use their pen! Didn’t you ever stop and think you might have checked out some of the statements made by these “tax honesty” people? I know you checked with the IRS, but you know in court they deny even that they could make a mistake. They say the onus is on you the taxpayer, but in this case the onus is on you the reporter!


Bob Graham Sr.

1-215-355-5660 or GO EAGLES!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

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