Saturday, April 01, 2006


Why are the American people not revolting?

Why are they more afraid of the enemy from within than the foreign enemy?

Is it because most Federal judges rule in favor of the IRS?….is it because most judges either ignored the law as written in the Constitution or they are only interested in keeping this corrupt tax system thriving!

We know most judges, the U.S. Attorney along with the IRS have seen the ‘861 disk’ many times….isn’t it about time that they either agree with it or come out and tell the American people why they disagree with it! But judges and prosecutors must stop breaking the law, AND, we the people must be courageous enough to hold them accountable!

Their lack of response is a true sign of cowardliness, and really implicates them in the crime of fraud!

No section of the IRS code establishes an “offense against the laws of the United States”, and the Sixteenth amendment does not define income or to designate how taxes may be laid thereon, or how they may be enforced.
Using former decisions, the Sixteenth Amendment confers NO power upon Congress to define and tax as income without apportionment.

Having so many newspaper articles written about this tax movement and having given so many individual interviews to ‘reporters’, it does not please me to say that most reporters….do not listen to what is being said to them or they are so fixed on the government line that it take a couple of time to get the message through, and then they still might not get it right. It seems to be more important that they are not subjected to criticism, rather than get the story right!

And why don’t these ‘reporters’ stop referring to us as “tax rebels, tax activist, tax evaders, etc., etc. Why don’t they refer to the judges and prosecutors as “fraud perpetrators?”