Monday, June 02, 2003

I really appreciate Larken Rose's last 'short note'. His thought is worth mentioning as to 'why' the income tax fraud is still alive today. He claims the problem is PRO-freedom people who have this arrogant attitude, I know the conclusion is wrong". The government would not do something this deceptive.
I believe the situation is much worse. At a recent family gathering I had one of my wifes in-laws say "I'm unfamiliar with the evidence (862), BUT I know the conclusion is wrong. AND I know they will get you again, and send you to jail!
I asked him if my going to jail to continue a government fraud would please him - his response was "if I have to pay so do you".
He became irate upon further questioning.....He said, "Section 862 could not possible be true without him ALREADY knowing about it." I mailed him a copy of the six questions and requested that he answer them. I keep calling him and he replies - It' easier to pay then to answer. My accountant says the 'six questions' is tax revolt hog wash. It make no difference if I tell him as an American - I am ashamed of him, he says it's easier to pay.
He did say , if and WHEN he gets jury duty on a tax case - he will read my book, April 15th - The Fear Factor. He did not like my web site even though he did not viewed it.
I know Bob Schulz is right. If he can get 5% of the people he contacts to stop withholding - That's a lot of people - that will now have to really investigate 862 searching for the truth.
I wonder if enough of us keep embarassing our 'friends and relatives' will this help or alienate them more. Will they be blinded if called for jury duty? This is a major problem that I would like to hear from you. Please contact me. And pass the question on.