Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Letter to the Editor 12/13/04 by Robert B. Graham Sr. 215-355-5660

Please change your Opinion page statement from Our mission is to provide news, information and services to enable our community to prosper....to read, Our mission is to CENSOR YOUR THOUGHTS…..SO AUTHORITY WILL NOT BE CRITICIZED by anyone but Editor’s!

In your thumbs up Editorial for Saturday 12/11/04 your message is once again confusing to say the least. First you say, “To the brave soldier in Kuwait who had the guts to ask Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld why our troops have to dig through trash heaps for scrap metal to fortify their vehicles”.

Then you say, “Soldiers in uniform aren’t supposed to question authority figures, which is one of the reasons this is so noteworthy……Even though a “reporter” suggested the question, Why didn’t this cowardly “reporter” ask the question?

Then you state, “Spec. Thomas Wilson had ‘the nerve’ to ask it. If this brave American soldier did not ask the question…then who would have asked it, YOU! That question and many more would not have been asked.

You then go on to criticize, “Rumsfeld’s arrogant and thoughtless response”. Are Editors the only ones allowed to criticize ‘authority figures’ in public?

Every time I criticize your mistakes you refuse to print my criticism, why? You work so hard for criticism and Guy, you are such a coward!

Robert B. Graham Sr.
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