Monday, March 15, 2004

What will it take to get FREEDOM!

First there must be a change of attitude, starting with me. I must realize that people like Bob Schulz and Larken Rose have no experience with being prosecuted, but they will! When you have not had your turn in the barrel…you can not imagine just how ruthless the government can be.

I have been very critical of them…..mainly because had they read my book…the outcome MIGHT have been different, but we will never know. As of last week’s phone conversation, the first in over a year, he still had not read the book. I asked Bob Schulz, what his problem was. He said he resented criticism, DA!

I take it Larken has been very busy, but I still would like him to call me, showing some respect! Bob Schulz requested that I write something which he stated he will publish on his web site. I sent it to him on 3/14/04. Look for it, I think it is good.

I just experienced a group of Union schoolteachers who are getting paid over $90,000 @ year, I mean 9 months, with a $35,000 benefit package getting hostile with taxpayers at a school board meeting when it was suggested that the 5% raise was being greedy. They started to shout and push others around until the cops were called. So it is just not the government workers who can’t stand criticism.

My new change of attitude is reflected in my new web-site. I had the luxury and benefit of Bob Schulz and Larken Rose’s hard work. While I was putting together this website ( with the help of my staff, it dawned on me….No one can stop the tax madness alone…..but together….WE WILL WIN!

Once we all …….link our sites together, what a powerful tool!

Thank you for your many nice e-mails, keep them coming….forward our message to at least five new Americans each day and ask them to do the same!