Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open letter to everyone, especially the WTP!

Larken Rose has recently informed me, that his misguided compatriot (my words) Dr. Charles Thomas Clayton went to prison for five years. What a shame! What a waste!

I can say misguided because I tried and tried, (sent over 20 e-mails) till I was blue in the face to convince both of them that their would be at least two ‘plants’ on their jury and that their judges would be biased and prejudiced.

I pleaded with both of them to have an "APPEAL" in their hands at their trial. And to rush to the Appeals Court for an emergency hearing…stopping their trial, to get a ruling, concerning ‘their judges action of not letting them present to their jury evidence that they relied upon’…But they refused to do so! This is all outlined on pages 116-118 of April 15th – The Fear Factor.

Larken, Dr. Tom and Bob Schulz have refused to read this book and I did send them a ‘free’ copy! It seams as though anyone who refuses to read, winds up in jail. Art Farnsworth read it but didn’t use the material! How stubborn, how foolish.

These sorrowful pleading written by Larken bemoaning a government wrong to Dr. Tom in which he’s describing Dr. Tom’s sins to you, since he (Larken) knew him so well. Larken states, "his true sin was to stand by his principles, speak his mind, tell the truth and point out government wrongdoing". Did Larken or Dr. Tom speak to their jury? And, if they did, the jury did not understand what they were saying.

It is a pity that Dr. Tom like Larken preached to the choir like Bob Schulz. They are not getting the choir to sing out to the public, who will be on the Schulz’s jury and he might befall the same fate – five years.

I wonder why Bob Schulz refuses to rent me a table to sell my book at the Washington meeting of We The People! What are they afraid of! Call him, ask him.

Larken and Dr. Tom did a wonderful job with their disk ‘Theft by Deception’ and ‘861’.They are truly magnificent and should be in every Americans library. They are RELIANCE DOCUMENTS’ and must be the cornerstone for your court defense. BUT YOUR MUST BE PREPARED FOR THE CORRUPT JUDGE who will not allow them to be entered as reliance documents in your case. HERE COMES THE APPEAL! Even the two ‘plant’ will have no answers to the other jurors for this evidence! They might even be exposed for the leaches they are!

All the above named people believed in the Constitution and that they would get a fair trial by an honest judge, but this can’t happen in a federal court, today. I told them this 5 years ago, you know - they didn’t listen. Will you?

Larken says, "most of us will never know what his family has gone through and will go through, because of Tom’s loyalty to the truth." My family and I went through 31 month ‘behind the wall’ in 1983, this was a level 3 prison, and that was 23 years ago. I was found not guilty of willful failure to file, but I was found guilty of ‘whiting out the perjury clause’.

That’s 23 years ago. Larken, Dr. Tom and Bob Schulz have ridiculed my efforts and me and maybe some of you receiving this message have, I still wish them and you, well! I hope Tom’s wife will read my book and see how my wife (Betty) and I survived, it will give her some hope. For if Betty and I could do it so can they.

Larken, you and your ego should send a copy of every message you e-mail to your list and PLEASE send it to your jury and judge, not just the choir! By the way, send the list any one of your last e-mail you sent to me criticizing me. Telling me that if you are wrong…. I may say, "I told you so". Thank you Larken, you really hurt the movement! You are not a real patriot, you are an egomanic!

Pass this message along to everyone and have them hit the FLASH,
Until the people in this movement finally work together and stop their ‘ego’ from thinking they invented the one ‘true answer’…they didn’t, and they will all go to jail!

The way to win is a commitment to contact one new person each week and have them contact one new person each week and demand an answer of the government…."show me the law!" Teach potential jurors the reasons - to find "not guilty". You want to preach….find new people to convert!

This might be my last Blog. I feel my words are falling on deaf ears. I am tired of being ridiculed and ignored. When you can’t get the very people that need your help to at least listen to you…. you are probably wasting your time. If you need me, I am here. I am your HISTORY, where were you in 1983 when I was "behind the wall", Good Luck!

Bob Graham Sr.