Monday, July 09, 2007


Larken you are in denial!

What is it that we are celebrating on this Independence Day? It is certainly NOT your victory in the federal court!

I believe you have shut your eyes to a painful truth…. Your ego refused to read April 15th – The Fear Factor. You had all the evidence you needed to get a NOT GUILTY verdict, but your ego and your Doctor friend and your wife hurt the tax-movement. They did irritable harm! You still deny what you did! Whose side are you on?

You ask the question, “How many eyes are shut in this country”? You and your wife’s certainly are shut tight. You created an opportunity to get your entire mailing list to cause turmoil in the IRS rank and file, but you ego or some other stupid thing stopped you from winning. What was it? Where you blinded by the obvious?

I am condemning you as an extremist lunatic, you had it and pissed it away!

“Liberty and Justice for all” is not a sad ‘Orwellian lie’ but a “sad Larken Rose ego trip”. You ego needs to be denied by you.

Send this message from me to you - out to your remaining Subscribers and request that they write why they agree or disagree with my thoughts. I don’t believe that most Americans are “demonstrating profound psychological denial, or profound historical and philosophical ignorance”…..Just YOU!


Bob Graham Sr.