Monday, February 02, 2004


Come ONE Come ALL


I keep asking myself, “Why am I so angry with Bob Schulz and Larken Rose, witnesses (Ha, Ha,) in the Dick Simkanin Trial. I read Bob’s feeble excuses on his web site, I read his ‘love letter’ to the attorney for the defense and I listened to Larken on a radio interview. After listening to Joe Banister, do a credible job on the Clark Howard radio show; it is obvious that these individual, except for Larken Rose, are giving to much respect to the judicial system and the IRS terrorist. It seems they did not learn, years ago that the federal government declared War upon its citizens, and they are reluctant and even refusing to believe it. These brilliant people were invited to an all out war and they were totally unprepared! NEVER AGAIN!

I say read my book and/or go to another 4-5 of tax patriots trials. The judge in Texas declared WAR upon the American citizens with the temerity of not wanting to pay ‘their fair share’, according to the government. The only reason Bob Schulz did such a rotten job – he did not know what to do. He is a great fund raiser, but he is terrible in Court.

In a federal courthouse with a federal judge and a federal prosecutor, the average citizen (like Bob) has little or no chance of winning with an attorney who is afraid of losing his license and that is most of them. The best he can hope for is a hung jury until the government places 12 plants on the jury by then you are going to be very sorry you did not prepare for what is coming! When that happens, no one can help you…not even KILROY!

If and when, I believe, the when not the if is imminent; all most 50% of the population is receiving a ‘green check’. We the citizens who are not dependent upon a ‘green check’ are in a 2nd Civil War. This time it is not the North against the South, it is the leaches and bloodsuckers against the suckers, or, if that’s too strong, how about the producers against the non-producers? Can you name one product the federal government produces other than ‘CONTROL’, with federal government’s make-work project will increase and they will tell you that it is for your benefit. They are always looking for a way to increase their payrolls.

If taxes aren’t eating you, it is because they are feeding you!

If you are going into the ring with someone who is not going to fight by the rules, in fact they are going to break them whenever they feel like it, what must you do, respect them or kick them in the n…?

When confronted by a media type who defends the government or the income tax, ask the question, “the Larken Rose’s video tape is correct and the government will not answer the six questions posed to them… why are you defending ‘fraud’? I can understand a misguided accountant defending his position because his pay check is dependent upon that defense, but why are you? When they counter with how will the governments pay for the military? Tell them, the gov’t will just print the money as they always have.

Would anyone show respect for the terrorists of 9/11; if all the people who attended the Simkanin trial said the judge was terrible, scared the jury into submission and broke the law, why then, should anyone show any respect for this person? Why didn’t these ‘patriots’ wear “I am hear to help you” tee shirts and IRS armbands in the Courtroom?” You must show the judge you know what he is doing.

Had anyone at that trial, (Bob - Larken) read pages 116 and 117 of April 15th – The Fear Factor, they would have seen my OBJECTION AND OFFER OF PROOF to the Appeals court. This stopped the judge right in his tracks. He had to apologize to the jury for making a mistake. This action took place over 20 years ago and the government has not changed!

I am not a lawyer but it seems to me that Dick Simkanin must file a motion for ‘emergency relief’ with the Appeals Court. He should also plead ‘poverty’ and get the Court to pay for his transcripts. The Court should also supply an attorney for ‘free’. It is no time to feel proud. Part of his Appeal should be, it is only Common Sense which dictates that ….no trial with 31 counts would come out with 29 ‘guilty’ verdict and not one ‘not guilty’ verdict unless the judge had intimidated, frightened and had scared the jury into submission, or all 12 jurors were government plants”. I have installed a ‘chat room’ you can reach me on and hit the button.

The most pressing issue in this trial is for the people who witnessed the trial to reduce to writing what they witnessed at the trial. They then must go to the ‘grand jury’ and state they witnessed a crime and they want to testify. They should have a copy of Larken Rose’s video tape and a copy of Bob Graham’s book – April 15th – The Fear Factor to present documented evidence of another Judge’s outrageous misconduct in a tax case, in 1983 – that’s over 20 years ago.

The more witnesses the better; can you imagine 50 citizens banging on the ‘grand jury door’ with similar evidence of terror in the federal court by the judge and prosecutor? Ask them if they are hesitant to hear you; is it all right to cheat? Is it all right for the judge to deny witnesses their right to tell the complete story?

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