Thursday, January 22, 2004

More government Bullshit dished out by the media!

An op-ed on the 20th of January by Kathy Kristof of the L.A. times purports in her article that the IRS is investigating 800 of its own people after checking 115,000 selected electronically for bogus filing of Schedule C tax and “other compliance issues”. The only thing missing was the music to the twelve days of Christmas.

For a government agency that traditionally and intentionally has lied, cheated and stolen from the taxpayers for years to “come clean” is incredulous at best.
Sweeping their dirt under the rug is the IRS stock in trade.

Personally, I distrust her article because it contains too much information….a sure sign of chicanery on behalf of the IRS. I think the IRS has spoon fed this information to Kristof in hope of showing their “sheets are clean” by throwing some of its own to the wolves, (we the people – the taxpayers).

Depending on your perspective; this could be good or bad….Let’s start with bad…this could be the harbinger of bad times to come for all of us with a “We hold our own this accountable therefore you’re next.”

As for the good, Ha, Ha, we may be getting a glimpse of the dishonesty and malevolence. I sincerely hope this is the case. However, most Americans have an inherent distrust of the IRS’s roughshod treatment of the American taxpayer to date and can only wait until it finally plays out.

I think it is beginning of the April 15th propaganda season by the IRS.